Shia Safavids Treasure Slot Review

For those questioning the title of this slot game, Safavid dynasty was one of the most significant and influential ruling dynasties of Persia, that took over after Sasanian Empire’s fall. This Shia Safavids Treasure slot by Pragmatic Play has its theme around the same dynasty, to allow players to win the treasure that was left behind by them.

This is a 5 reel slot game, consisting of 20 pay lines that the player can choose from, including other features such as free spins, wild symbols, and bonus rounds. Shia Safavids has all the elements that can usually be seen in other slot games from Pragmatic Play, along with a massive jackpot that pays 2,500x times more than the original bet amount, to ensure that gamers don’t quit before the find the treasure.

Shia Safavids Treasure Slot Gameplay

The total number of pay lines in the game is 20, which can be adjusted by the player and the bet amount start from 0.01 that go up to 5. Players can quickly adapt to the gameplay of this slot and bet anywhere between 0.20 to 100, by activating maximum pay lines allowed per spin.

A large number of medium payouts can be found in this game, with the player enabling a majority of the pay lines the jackpot could be well within the reach. The bet size can be increased by selecting the (+) button and can be decreased by selecting the (-) button on the game screen.

Symbols and Bonuses

One of the most noticeable things in the game are the colours being used by the designers. Black and gold colours surround the background of the game screen, which gives the game an elegant and sophisticated touch. Some of the symbols do not match with the background colour theme of the game. These symbols include card symbols that range from ace to jack.

Despite this unusual mix of card symbols mixing with the background colours, the game is well designed. It can be seen through other symbols that include, slippers with jewellery, sultans, peacocks and a beautiful princess, that is one of the higher paying symbols in the game. Other symbols include an ornate lamp, a beautiful desert sunset and a gold treasure chest. Although we must mention that the reel animations can be a little slow.

The sound effects along with the background score of the game accompany the theme of the game. The player can listen to the Arabian music throughout, along with apt sound effects that highlight the Middle-Eastern riches.

Two Bonus Rounds in Shia Safavids Treasure Slot

There are two bonus rounds in the game from which the players can benefit. In the first one, the player has to pick a game. This games gets enabled once the player matches three beautiful desert sunset symbols on an enabled pay line. The second bonus feature gets activated if the player gets a minimum of three lamps placed anywhere on the reels.

In the first bonus round, the reels get surrounded by urns. Here the player will be rewarded with three chances of breaking any one of them to reveal a prize. At the end of this round, all three amounts will be added. That amount will then get multiplied by the number of lines on the bet. This makes it a maximum payout of up to 4,500x during this round.

The free spins reward the player with a total of 5, 10 or 20 free spins. The number of spins depend on the total number of matching lamp symbols.

Why We Liked Shia Safavids Treasure Slot

The theme of the game is quite unique, to be honest. It’s totally justified by its gameplay and its other accompanying elements such as the background score and visuals. The payout is good too! It makes it an interesting choice for gamers looking for a slot game with a different theme.

Our Overall Score For This Slot