Another Fantastic Online Casino For You: Thunderbolt Casino

With numerous casino games available on Playstore, the usage of these games has increased massively. The online thunderbolt-casinocasino industry has a constantly growing user base and consumption. With this growing competition in the online casino business, the developers are also offering these games to the players for free where they can play the games online without spending any money. However, the real time and real money game at these online casinos is still on.

Thunderbolt Casino: An Exciting Experience

Thunderbolt is one such a real-time casino which gives an exciting experience to its users through its wide range casino games. It has a variety of slots and table games. A lot of other online casino games are available with this kind of variety, but this one is specially made for the audience residing in South Africa.

Though it is made for the South African audience it does not mean that it is not open to other countries. It is open to all the countries, but South African players get an additional benefit of various promotions and offers.

The full game is available once the player downloads the client. However, there are certain sections also available as an instant-play version.

What Can You Expect From Thunderbolt Casino?

This game is completely supported with RTG features, hence, gamers who are used to playing online casino games with real time gaming features, will know exactly how to play and anticipate the other functions of the game.

As we spoke about the variety of games which come along with Thunderbolt, here is a little bit of more detail. The game comes with a range of 200 casino games. These games include an array of slot titles, various table games and some special offer games. Although there is a huge variety of games available with Thunderbolt, it is not any different from the other online casino games available in the market. The list of games is pretty much the same as the ones available with other online casino games.

However, the user interface of the game is decent and user friendly. One can easily operate the game without any trouble.

Device Compatibility

Apart from its compatibility with desktops, Thunderbolt is compatible with mobile phones too. The developers have created a mobile and tablet responsive version of the website which lets the gamers gamble which they are travelling, working or simply walking around. The mobile version can simply be used by visiting the website through their mobile phones.

Though there is no separate app developed to be downloaded on mobile devices, the mobile responsive version of the game is not bad at all.

Customer Support Facility at Thunderbolt Casino

Since this casino game involves monetary transactions, a customer care support is mandatory. The user might get stuck with these functions or might end up facing an unforeseen issue, hence, an active customer care and help is needed.

In case of Thunderbolt, there is a customer support team available to help the gamers. This team is available for service 24/7. The team can assist the gamers through their live chat facility, which is the easiest and fastest way to connect, or by dropping in an email to the team. There is a toll-free number too, however, this number only caters to the needs of the South African audience.

Payment and Security Features of Thunderbolt Casino


Thunderbolt has a good facility for the user to deposit and withdraw money. The money can be transferred either through a debit/ credit card or simply through the available e-wallets. The players can also redeem the points and cash the money with easy.

There are various promotional offers available for the player which depositing the money. This is obviously to encourage more deposits and hence more gambling.

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