Best Areas of a Casino to Play Slots In

As a smoker, even I get sick of being in a smoky casino atmosphere, and I have a good session I can be there for hours, however, after so long, my eyes start to sting, my lungs start to feel tight and my breathing begins to rattle like I have a cold or chest infection!

This is when I go to the non smoking section, after going outside for some fresh air. Also, casino floors are loud and often the busiest parts of a casino whilst the non smoking sections tend to be quieter and more inclined to appeal to gamblers looking to simply play in peace and a smoke free atmosphere.

Essentially non-smoking areas are for those looking to be left alone without bombarding music, enduring players whoops of joy after winning a few dollars, and most irritatingly, smoke in their eyes.

The beauty of non smoking areas is that they have the same games, be that video poker, slots or blackjack, the only difference is you don’t end up with your eyes stinging and your chest feeling like you’ve smoked 40 cigars in under 10 minutes!

Take a Look at a Smoke Free Casino Zone

As non smokers tend to be happier just playing without the aid of music, the speakers for the casino at much lower in a no smoking casino zone and also the slot machines’ volume tends to be lower. In some casinos they also have no smoking bars so you can enjoy a beer, a glass of wine or cocktail without choking on second hand smoke.

The only downside to non smoking areas is they can be very low traffic and as such, you can have some really low personal RTP’s as not many players do play the slot games there so they may not be the best paying slots. Your best bet is to go half way between a smoking and non smoking zone, a slot that is on the outskirts of the non smoking and smoking zones that still gets played, but you have far less smoke to contend with!

There do tend to be fewer machines in the non smoking section, but they do tend to have far more variety. As opposed to a bank of 4 identical slots, there will be a bank of 4 different slots. The same goes for the video poker machines. There will be 10+ banks, but each will only share a few games and the rest of them will be unique to that machine.

Table games aren’t generally available in the non smoking section however it isn’t unheard of. It has been known that in large land based casinos for them to have non-smoking table sections, or even non smoking floors which host everything from Craps, Poker, Table Games and Slots all in a non smoking environment.

It is best to check out with your local casino to see if they offer a non smoking section, especially if you have bronchial conditions such as cystic fibrosis, as you may have to enter the casino through to back entrance to avoid the smoking section. We guarantee you, they will bend over backwards to ensure that you are well catered for, even if that does mean they have to open the entrance they only use in summer!

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