Best Hotel Rooms in Vegas

You may be planning your very first trip to Vegas right now, and if so you are likely to want to ensure that the hotel or casino resort you stay at is going to be the right one for you and one that will have everything you need in that property.

It will of course be up to you just which hotel or casino you choose to stay in, but one thing to note is that each one you will have the opportunity of booking a room in will be charging you resort fees and taxes on top of the prize you see advertised on their website or any hotel price comparison website you may be using!

Those resort fees can often double at least the price of your stay at any casino resort or hotel and as such you need to factor them into your holiday budget, or you will get a nasty surprise when it comes to settling your hotel bill.

If you want a high end room or suite then you will be best advised to stay at one of the on-Strip mega casino resorts, however if you are more of a cost conscious traveller we would advise you look for off-Strip properties or those that are located Downton!

Low Cost Room and Suites

One place in Vegas we do enjoy staying at time and time again is the Stratosphere Casino, whilst admittedly that property is set right at the end of the Strip it is one at which you will be very well looked after if you are prepared to gamble when playing there.

One thing you will find their Ace Play club offering you if you do play at the Stratosphere are lots of free rooms and even free suites. Watch the above video as you will see the type of suite available if you do manage to get to the highest tier of their comp club.

No Worries About Hotel Bills Online!

If you have worked out the mathematics of visiting Vegas and have found that it is way too expensive, then keep in mind you are going to find just as many casino games, in fact way more, available in the online gaming environment as you will find located on the gaming floors of every single Vegas casino put together!

Bonuses, loyalty schemes and plenty of different game variants are available to you at any of the casino sites you will see reviewed throughout our website, and one thing you are going to be able to do is to play for free at those sites too.

All of the major land-based slot and casino game designers have also made their range of games accessible to online players, so if you do have a list of favourite slot machines for example then you are going to have no difficulties tracking them down online. In fact, you may find the payout percentages on those online slot and other casino games way higher than the RTP’s of bricks and mortar casino games!

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