Best Paying Vegas Slots

There is no definitive answer to which are the best paying slots in Vegas, but there are several high paying slots in Vegas, however, depending on your playing style, you will find all kinds of added excitement.

The usual suspect arise, such as The Walking Dead, Buffalo and Cats, but there are some you may have never heard of, these include Coyote Moon, Elvira slot machine, Forbidden Beauty and our all time favourite, Goldfish 3!

All of these slots are designed by different companies, but all of them have interesting and exciting features and a higher than average RTP. The reason you should be looking at these slots, is that even if they aren’t paying out huge amounts, they do keep you in the game and give you lots of play time.

Unlike other slots, the highest paying don’t have progressive jackpots and are completely stand alone, meaning that the game isn’t competing with a network of machines to keep up with the overall RTP required of the network.

Keep an eye out for All Ways slots and bonus game awarding slots, for those slots also have a unique, and highly lucrative playing style that could see you hitting it big without having to lift more than your finger!

Slots with Higher RTP’s

Many land based casinos have designed their gaming floors in such a way that certain parts of those floors are going to be very high traffic areas, such as near the elevators, escalators and the gift shops and restaurants.

As such you are going to find that in an attempt to get players to start playing the slot machines in those casinos the slots which are nearest those high traffic areas will have been set with high payout percentages, as higher paying slots will always get the attention of anyone nearby by!

Play Slots Online with High RTP’s

You will be able to look up the payout percentages on all online slot games by checking out the website of the casinos offering a range of different slots, by looking at any help files attached to such slot machine games or even by looking through the pay tables of those slots.

The one noticeable difference in regards to the way online slot machines play and pay and land based casinos play and pay is that online slot machines do tend to have much higher payout percentages.

As such by looking up the RTP information on any slot games that have taken your fancy and caught your eye and then playing only the highest paying ones, you are going to get more winning opportunities, more play time and much more importantly more of your stakes played through on those higher paying slots return to you as winning payouts too.

Plus, with the additional of comps and casino slot bonus offer you will also be able to lock in even more playing value which is something you can rarely do when playing slot machines in your local land based casino venue!

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