Best View in Vegas

The Stratosphere, voted numerous times as the best view in Vegas has more to offer than simply stunning views of the mountains. There are rides, which you must have nerves of steel to try, the world’s highest sky jump and one of the highest regarded restaurants in Vegas where fillet mignon is a signature dish and burgers are simply not served.

The tower itself is free to access during the day and night however you have to be staying at the Stratosphere for the free access. You can buy an all day pass for admission also and this is fairly affordable.

Due to the current Vegas climate, all visitors and guests must be searched, however, this is to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests so don’t be offended if you are randomly selected for a quick pat down! You access the tower from either the main floor near the West entrance escalators, or by following the corridor all the way round past the McDonalds, and entering the escalator.

Take a Look at the Vegas Views

If you are every in Vegas then it will be worth your while making your way over to the Stratosphere Casino, as by doing so you will be able to take a trip up the huge tower that stands proudly outside the casino building.

If you are a guest of that hotel you will be able to get up the tower for free, however if you are not staying there then you will have to pay around $20 to do so. But as you will see from the video above the views over Vegas and the surrounding areas are absolutely stunning, much more so if you visit just as the sun is going down!

No Views But Great Games Online!

You will not find any stunning views if you do decide to sample playing your favourite casino games online, but what you will find is a huge number of different games all waiting to be played.

There are plenty of benefits that all real money players will have if they move some of the gambling action online, which could take the shape of bonus offers and promotional deals that will extend your play time and give your bankroll a boost in value!

Also, keep in mind that many of the casino games you enjoy playing in land based casinos can also be accessed online, and with thousands of different slots, video poker and card and table games you will be able to pick out those game you like playing the most.

For the ultimate online gaming experience however, we always advise our website visitors to stick to playing at casinos that hold a full and valid gaming license.

You will find there are lots of different gaming commissions that do license such sites, one being the UK Gambling Commission, and by playing at site they have licensed and they regulate you will find the operators of those sites have to adhere to some very strict requirements.

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