Black Diamond 3 Reels Slot Review

Top Game comes up with another game in the Black Diamond series. The latest game is Black Diamond 3 reels classic slot game, making it one out of the four games in the series. The other two games in the series too feature a similar gameplay experience with 3 reels, which make them slightly similar from a visual point of view.

The entire polished steel theme of the game gives us an industrial feel with high technology around, apart from this the overall design of the game is pretty sleek. The player can see various mountains in the background of the gaming screen, which blends in with the aesthetic of the overall game. The design of the spinning reels is very basic, as they support a white framework with 3D styled graphics supporting the symbols on these reels. These elements when put together add a lot of visual value to the game, making the gameplay experience rich and pleasant.

So, let’s dig deep to find out more about Black Diamonds 3 reels slot game and how it lives up to the other games in the series.


The gameplay of this slot is fairly simple to get used to. It has only three reels, where the player can bet with a minimum amount of 0.01 to a maximum amount of 5. Due to the lack of complexity, amateur players can get familiar with the gameplay too. This is certainly an added bonus, as it helps attract new players. If you are lucky, then you could end up taking home the jackpot, which pays 30,000. The jackpot amount is kept similar in all the games of these series. The highest payouts can be grabbed by the player on the third line. The first line pays out 1,000 coins, whereas the second and third line pays out 3,000 and 6,000 coins respectively.

Symbols and Bonuses

Since the theme of the game is gold and is filled with various gems, the symbols also belong to the same family. You’ll come across either gold bars or other jewels. Singles, doubles, and triples can be seen slotted in the middle. The symbols are colourful, vivid and visually stunning, which helps enhance the gameplay experience for the player. The theme of the other games in the series is quite the same. There is very little difference when it comes to graphics and symbol designs.

The black diamond symbol is a special symbol in the game for two reasons. First being that it is the only wild symbol in the game and second being it is the jackpot symbol. All you have to do as a player is to get three of these symbols on your reels. If you manage to get lucky, then you’ve hit the big jackpot!

For all the people out there, who don’t like to  spin the reels, again and again, there is an Autoplay feature available. This feature allows you to set your bet amount. You can then sit back and enjoy the reels spin on their own for a specific period of time.

Unfortunately, the game does not have any scatter symbol. This means that there are no bonus games and there are no multipliers. The developers of the game have kept the gameplay more classic. The best option, therefore, to win the jackpot is to bet maximum on all the three lines that are present.

What We Thought of Black Diamond 3 Reels Slot

So, what makes this game special? Well, it is because of the fact that it has perfectly mixed classic gameplay interface with up-to-date 3D graphics. For those looking for multiple techniques of winning in a slot game, this isn’t the game for them. Instead, this game solely focuses on keeping the gaming experience as real as possible.