Casilando Sister Sites

If you have not yet experienced the delights of playing at Casilando or any of the Casilando sister sites then you really should consider doing so sooner rather than later! At present we do not have their specific sister sites listed but have recommended some other sites which we like to play at until we do.

With some free flowing and always available bonuses offers and promotional deals coupled with each of the comp clubs and loyalty schemes available at sites like Casilando you will be getting some much longer gambling sessions, and will always be increasing your chances of winning too.

Our Recommended Casino Sites 

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Unique Game FeaturesIf you are a UK based player you will be able to register as a new player and will be able to set your account to use GBP as your preferred currency option, so you can make deposits, play any of the games and withdraw all your winnings in Pounds Sterling!With that in mind below we are going to be giving you a much deeper insight into what each of those casinos have to offer you over and above their bonuses and promotional offers, so you can make a much more informed decision as to whether you should be playing at any of them!

Being able to play any casino games for a stake level you want to play for is of course important, for you will want to initially be able to set the stakes of each game you want to play for a stake you can afford, which is very easy to do at each of the Casilando sister sites!casilando logo

But not only will you have fully adjustable staking options available at each of the similar sites to Casilando you are also going to find slot of additional option settings too, and that means you can fully tailor each individual game session you have to your own unique set of preferences!

Winners Wall – You will often find a winners wall scrolling along the side of the individual casino websites and by taking a quick look at it you will then be able to determine just which games are currently payout out, and also which ones are not too!

Speed Play Options – There may come a time when you want to rattle through lots of spins on a slot machines or play off lots of hands when playing card games. With that in mind by clicking on the game option settings you will find you can make use of a speed play option that will dramatically speed up the rate at which each game plays off!

Animation Settings – Whilst you may have a state of the art mobile device or a top of the range computer, if you don’t then you will be able to fully adjust the animations and graphics on each game you have access to at each of the featured Casilando sister sites and that will allow you to set the games to suit your device very easily!

Gambling Limits – As each casino listed is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission when you log into your account via the real money log in option you will also be able to set your own set of gambling limits for that session, so you are always going to be in control of just how much you can gamble and how long you wish to play for too!

Fast and Friendly Player Support

You are probably never going to need to have to make use of the instant chat customer support facility on off at any of our featured Casilando sister sites, as the gaming platforms, banking interfaces’ and the games themselves have been designed to be as player friendly as is possible.

However, if you do have any questions you want answering then by clicking on the instant chat button you will be connected up to one of their support team members how are always on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are unsure as to how any of the casino games pay or play then take a look at the attached help files or in regards to games such as slot games simply take a look at their respective pay tables as they are very in-depth and should allow you to get a good understanding of how very single game works and operates!


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