What Does Casino VIP Status Get You?

Nearly every casino has some form of players club, and these basically get you free stuff. However, we will take you from the basics.

You start off with a card, and when available, every 100 credits or $1 you wager earns you one point. Think of it like one of those Facebook games. As you level up, you get more stuff. These points can also be redeemed at vendors that participate in the point’s scheme.

Be aware this is only a general rule of thumb, and each casino has different points systems in place, for example, a high roller casino may require 200 credits per one point.

Usually with your player’s card, you will get more points for your 100 credits. For example at the Stratosphere Casino as a member of their Ace Play Club a Blue Card will earn x1, Yellow x2, Green x3 and Red x4 your points. So if you wager 100 credits with a Red card you would technically be awarded 4 points.

You can also redeem your points at the bar for drinks, cocktails, food and other things, or if you save them up, some casinos will give you rooms or even suites that you can part or fully pay for with your points.

It should be noted that your tier has to be maintained and should you not achieve the number of tier points required to keep your level, you will be downgraded to the tier below. This is a clever trick to keep you playing!

VIP Upgrade to a Suite

If you are a member of a top tier casino comp club then the casinos really are going to roll out the red carpet each time you visit and stay at those venues, and often you will be sent out free room stays and will also find any booking you make will get you a free upgrade to a suite.

We are regularly visitors to Vegas, and one place we always make a beeline to stay at and play at thanks to their very rewarding comp club is the Stratosphere Casino, and on a recent visit we got a three night’s comped suite, and the above video will show you the interior of that comped suite!

Are Online Casinos as Generous as Land Based Casinos?

The temptation to play at an online casino site is often too great for many avid gamblers, for the easy at which you can fire up your computer, sign up and then log onto any such site is very easy, and there are plenty of online casino sites you can pick and choose to play at too.

However, if you are a VIP player at land based casinos then you may be wondering if are you going to get the red carpet treatment at online casinos, and whether it will be worth setting aside some of your gambling action to play at those types of casinos.

Well, generally when you do play at such a site you will be earning comp points in the usual way and you will find many casino sites also have some form of multi-tiered comp club on offer too, however the only thing that you will often only be able to redeem your points for are casino credits, so no free rooms, drinks or meals will be coming your way at such sites!

There are a small handful of casinos that have completely revamped their online comp clubs however, and when you are a higher ranked player at those sites in addition to your earning comps as you play you will be offered bonuses.

Those bonuses could take the form of deposit match type bonuses, or you may be offered set of slot game free spins on which any winnings you do achieve will be added to your casino account as bonus credits or cash credits depending on where you do chose to play!