Announces Online Slots Tournaments (CBN) has recently released a statement concerning the site’s launch of internet based slots tournaments. What’s more is that the tournaments don’t include just slot games, but they also have video poker and blackjack. Although the selection of these games is relatively limited, there are still weekly events available to choose from.

Slot players enjoy playing tournaments and there is always high traffic to sites that feature them. Even so, and strangely, not every gaming software development company has developed or bought the technology to host any variety of casino tournaments (and there are quite a few of them). CBN focuses on a wide range of slots tournaments for specific handpicked casinos that are known for the high quality gaming they offer.

How the Slots Tournaments Work

If you’ve ever taken part in poker tournaments then you’d have a fairly good idea of how these slots tournaments work. The gaming site will feature a list of slots tournaments along with their buy-in amounts as well as the prize pools. Some gaming software providers also include leaderboards in order to help players gauge how well they are doing against the competition. For instance, games from Microgaming feature leaderboards.

The tournaments featured on CBN are sorted out based upon their end time. All you have to do is go through the list in order to see which tournaments are still open. Some slots tournaments are limited to specific slots games and you’ll be able to choose them based upon the names of the games. Some other tournaments feature a number of different games. There are also differences when it comes to the prizes. While some tournaments have a fixed prize pool, others have a growing pool. In fact, many casinos host tournaments with prizes upwards of $25,000. Free Rolls is a popular category of tournament that does not require you to make a deposit before you start playing. However, the prizes in these tournaments aren’t the biggest.

More about is no doubt very popular with online gamers, but it has achieved this reputation by dint of hard work. In fact, the site was known as Casino Bonuses Today not too long ago. Its concept of collating and presenting last minute offers from different casinos has proven to be very popular with players since it saves them a great deal of time and effort. The emphasis placed on bonuses for customer retention as against for attracting new customers means that the casinos recommended by the site are very good for long term playing.

The new site was launched earlier this year and it has been given a new interface as well as backend in order to ensure that the gaming experience is the best possible. There is also a CBN mobile site that offers a thrilling experience on the smaller screens of mobile phones or tablets. The mobile site has become so good that players can easily navigate it to find the most exciting games at the best deals.

Regular slots players also check to see which sites get the Leading Casino awards from CBN. These awards have a great deal of value because it isn’t easy at all to win them thanks to their tough selection criteria.


The CBN site maintains very high standards overall since its objective is to protect the interests of players and not the gambling sites. In fact, the site does not accept advertisements from casinos that aren’t well managed or which are known to treat customers unfairly. The site verifies casino complaints and keeps track of player terms and conditions, cross referencing with

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