Casinos that Match Player VIP Status

One aspect of concentrating all of your slot play and gambling action at just one land based casino is that you are going to find that you will move up the ranks of that venues comp club very quickly, and by doing so you will be offered lots of much higher valued promotional offers that will not be available to lower tired members of those clubs.

However, when you visit a place such as Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin or any major gambling destination you will not want to play the casino games in those venues for the entire duration of your visit, as many players prefer trying their luck at other casinos other than the one they may be staying at.

With that in mind it is worth knowing that many casinos actually offer something known as a VIP Status Match, and what that means is that if you are a higher ranked member of another casinos comp club they will match that tier when you sign up to their Players Club!

That does of course mean that you are not then going to have to work your way to the highest tier of another casinos comp club which can be a very time consuming not to mention thing to do! Below you will find details of a couple of casinos that we do know off that will match your tier and VIP status of another casino.

Get Your Players Club Status Matched

There are two casinos in Vegas and one in Laughlin Nevada that we do know will match your VIP Status at other local casinos, and below you will see us at one of those casinos.

The two casinos who do currently match Player VIP Status are the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Vegas and also the Golden Nugget Casinos in both the Downtown area of Las Vegas and in Laughlin, so make sure you add those casinos to your growing list of casinos to visit if you want the maximum rewards from your gambling action!

Online and Mobile Casino Player Clubs

We have not yet come across any online or mobile casino sites that will match your status at another such site, however one thing you do need to be aware of is that lots of different casino sites have their own unique player reward and loyalty schemes in place.

You can often find that some of those sites already have in place a much more generous and much more rewarding comp club than other sites and as such you may not be required to work your way up through the ranks of those casino sites to get the rewards for doing so, as they will be available to you the minute you sign up and start to play for real money.

The rate at which you earn comp points and the redemption rates available will be determined by your level of play and just which casinos you decide to sign up and play at!

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