Child Friendly Casino Resorts

Although I know very little about Don Laughlin, the very man who Laughlin is named after, it has to be said he’s taken the idea of towns such as Las Vegas and recreated his own Casino and Resort.

As someone from the UK I remember many happy holidays British towns such as Blackpool when I was young, but it has recently become a stag and hen town to rival the likes of Manchester and Liverpool, which is not ideal to have youngsters around.

The Riverside Casino Resort is one of the most family friendly resorts in Laughlin, offering Laser Tag, Bowling alleys, a cinema and also if you’re an adult party, the cinema offers films which are over 12a and 18 rated films too.

For youngsters and petrol heads alike, there is also a classic car showroom which is split over 2 levels, offering the likes of the car from Back to the Future, to original Ford police cars and even Ferraris which have been donated or loaned so others can enjoy them. These cars do change periodically and you may even be lucky enough to see one of them in motion!

There is also a huge arcade on the second floor, and as the general population are slightly older, they tend to be either parents themselves, or even grandparents, meaning that Laughlin is a safe environment for children, and usually the adults can be bigger kids than the kids, especially playing pool just outside the arcade!

Obviously young children that can’t be sent off alone aren’t going to enjoy it, however, for around 10 years and onwards, we honestly believe this is an exceptional place for you to wind down while the kids can blow off steam doing activities they enjoy.

You will also find the food on offer at the Riverside is diverse and convenient, pleasing the most demanding of palette, though if you want to try another of the food places, all the casinos offer high quality well priced food that will suit all budgets.

For those of you that like to be a little freer, Riverside also has a Caravan/RV site with bathrooms for both sexes a laundry and use of the amenities that the casino offers.

You will also be interested to know that there is a Family Dollar Store up the road (less than 5 minutes walk) to get any toiletries, water or quick food stuffs you could need. The garage is in close proximity also, so if you ever need to refuel they are open 24/7 and always offer service with a smile.

If in the hotel, you will normally be overlooking the River, which is a beautiful site, and as we are here off Season (January – February) it’s a little too cold to be going swimming in it or sunbathing! Though during the warmer months (April – August) it really is a hive of activity for things to do with you and your family.

Be sure to check out the goings on, as around March time, there are hundreds of events going on which are enthralling to watch!

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