Cloud Quest Slot

Play n Go do have quite a lot of very unusual looking and playing slot games and unusual is one description we can give to their Cloud Quest slot! This is a slot game on which on the base game screen you will see a grid like formation containing 25 reel symbols.

The playing structure is such that it is a cascading reel slot, and there are no set paylines for you will be required to line up matching symbols in any direction to achieve any of the pay table listed winning payouts, as opposed to have them lining up from left to right on activated paylines as is the case on most other video slots!

Game Play

What you are going to have to do whenever you play the Cloud Quest slot is simply line up at the very least three of any matching reel symbols in a row anywhere on the screen. Those symbols can line up vertically, diagonally or horizontally to form a winning combination, so the more of them that spin in the better!cloud quest

As soon as you do form a winning combination then the reel symbols forming that winning combination are removed from the screen, new ones then fall down onto the screen to replace them.

Therefore you can continually and repeatedly form lots of winning combinations from a single game, for as long as on each cascade of reel symbols more winning payouts are formed that base game bonus feature will continue to play off!

Bonus Modes

When you do form one or more winning combinations on the base game then at the side of the screen a small circular meter will appear, the more winning combinations you form consecutively from one single game played off the more segments of that meter will be filled in.super powers table

As soon as you have completed the base game by forming no new winning combinations the wheel will spin and if the outer segment of the wheel spins in with a highlighted segment then an additional bonus feature will be awarded to you.

The bonus feature when awarded above can award re-spins, on which all manner of different built in features will be in play on that re-spin. So make sure you have a quick look at the pay table for a complete overview of all of those extra bonus features!

Free Spins

You will also be able to play off a set of free spins when playing this slot game, however you will need to get the Bonus symbols on at least one reel covering all positions on that reel to trigger those free spins.

What makes the free spins bonus game unique on the Cloud Quest slot is that you will be playing them off on a completely new slot game structure, that being a three reel slot! You will initially be awarded with between five and twenty of those free spins, and as they are playing off if you manage to damage a monster as they are playing off additional free spins are then awarded to you!

Standard Wild

As wild symbols can and will be spun in at various times when you are playing the Cloud Quest slot, those symbols can stand in for all of the standard pay table listed reel symbols, and three or more of them in a row across the screen in any direction will award their own respective set of winning payouts.

The Wild symbols offer the following wins:

Pays 150 coins for 5

Pays 10 coins for 4

Pays 0.8 coins for 3

The Red Warrior symbols pay:

50 coins when 5 land

5 coins when 4 land

0.6 coins when 3 land

What We Thought Overall

There are plenty of great aspects of playing the Cloud Quest slot, the most obvious are that there are no paylines to worry about when playing this slot online, for it takes just three matching symbols anywhere on the screen to award you with all manner of different winning payouts.

Some of those winning payouts as you can see from the small sample of them we listed above are suite low in value, but as you can form lots of them repeatedly from a single cascade and as there is the chance of triggering the base game bonus feature or the main free spins feature this slot can payout very big at times, so it is one we feel you should at least try out one day very soon!


cloud quest slot screen shot of gameplay

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