Diablo 13 Slot Review

No prizes for guessing what Diablo 13 slot is all about, as the name says it all. This is a slot game, in which you can pretty much expect what’s in store for you. As the name suggests, you can find all sorts of creepy stuff within the game, including demons and skull, with bright red colour, which is the main colour of the game. There’s a bible too, for your rescue. This slot by TopGame ensures that the player gets a fair idea of what ‘Hell’ is all about, as soon as he begins playing the game.

The theme can either attract new players or repulse some of them, entirely based on how fascinated the player is with the idea of ‘evil’, which is at the center of the theme. Although the theme of the game is quite unusual, from other slot games, it can be a thrilling game for all the horror fans out there, with a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Keeping aside the theme of the game, which can be termed ‘controversial’, since horror is not everyone’s cup of tea, this game sure has the power to entertain and reward its players.

Expect a Mix of Religion, Horror and Fantasy in Diablo 13 Slot

There are various religious icons and demons that can be explored during the gameplay. Safe to say, this game derives its theme from the land of fantasy, where sorcerers and fairies reside, along with lurking demons. This certainly makes the game to be a mashup of sorts, deriving inspiration from various elements.

The game has a total of 13 pay lines, which back the supernatural theme, since other slot games generally have a total of 15 pay lines. The maximum amount is an aggregate of regular payouts and progressive jackpots, which can amount to a maximum of $39,000. The wild symbols, scatter symbols along with bonus games and free spins are the main attractions of the game.

The Wild and Scatter Symbols in Diablo 13 Slot

The haunted house symbol in Diablo 13 is the wild symbol, which provides shelter to all the lurking monsters. To describe the house, it is basically built out of stones, with blood moon in the background and bats in the sky. The wild symbol replaces all the other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to help form a winning combination for the player. Want to win the Moster madness prize? Then manage to get 5 of these symbols on one particular playline, having placed the maximum bet allowed. This will lead the player towards the progressive jackpot. The Fairy on the other hand is the scatter symbol in the game. It appears on the first, third and the fifth reels. Get all three simultaneously on the particular payline and enable the free spins bonus round to extend your normal game duration.

The Wizard in Diablo 13 Slot

The wizard is the bonus icon in the game. The player needs to get a minimum of 3 wizards to enter the bonus round. 3 allows the player to win 30-50 points, 4 allows the player to win 150-750 points and 5 allows the player to win 450-2250 points.

What We Think of Diablo 13 Slot

Well, we have to admit the fact that, at least the theme is different from other slot games out there in the market. But does it work for the players? That’s for the players to decide. The game has put all the elements together, which ensure a great entertaining and horrific experience for the players, who can walk out of the haunted house at the end of their experience with 13,000 coins in their hand. If you have what it takes, then go for it.

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