Diamonds are Forever Slot Review

Top Game has targeted all classic slot lovers with this new game called Diamonds are Forever slot. The features in the game are limited, with the main gameplay consisting of just 3 reels.

The theme is a mixture of many elements coming together, like the classic symbols of a slot game mixed with the overall diamond theme. Since, the mix theme is an idea which is quite common, the players expected the developers to take it to an unexplored direction. Having said that, although the game is slightly predictable in terms of its gameplay, but its 3 reels with 3 paylines feature is well designed.

Let’s explore the game in depth, to find out what it has to offer.

Gameplay of Diamonds are Forever Slot

For players that are seeking unique gameplay and new features in a slot game, this isn’t the game for them. Diamonds are Forever slot game consists of 3 reels and 3 active pay lines. The wild symbol in the game is an interesting bonus feature in the game. The maximum payout that the game offers is of 6000 coins.

Like we mentioned earlier, the theme of the game mixes Diamonds with some classic slot game symbols, which may attract classic slot lovers. The symbols are visually attractive, with a classic blue backdrop, that accompanies the classic white colour of the reels. Despite of having classic symbols, the graphics of the slot game are sharp and crisp, with nice and smooth edges.

The controls of the game can be used easily, with the interface being quite standard for a game developed by Top Game. The Autoplay feature allows the player to leave things up to his luck, with the reels spinning for a selected number of times.

The game is based on a single coin per line method, where minimum amount is 0.01 and maximum amount is 5. The player can also select number of pay lines that he wants to activate, with the risk of wild symbols landing on the inactive pay lines.

Symbols of Diamonds are Forever Slot

The only bonus feature of Diamonds are Forever slot game is the wild symbol, which is the Blue 7 symbol. The Blue 7 symbol is responsible for rewarding the player with the big jackpot. This is unlike any diamond symbols as the name of the slot suggests.

When the number seven, the scatter symbol, shows up on the activated pay line, the player will be rewarded in different ways. In order to win the big jackpot, the player has to land three Seven symbols across and fill the paylines with this symbol. They also form combinations with other symbols to reward the player with smaller payouts.

The jackpot is an impressive 6,000 coins! Players can claim it when they manage to get five Blue Sevens while placing a bet on the maximum permissible amount.

What We Thought About Diamonds are Forever Slot

So, is Diamonds are Forever worth the hype? The answer really depends on the player playing this slot game. The classic slot game theme will attract some of the classic slot lovers. But if you’re looking for unique features and elements, then this slot may disappoint you. That said, we have to admit that the gameplay is very easy and effortless. So, it’s a major plus point right there!

There are no real features to separate this slot from other slots that are around in the market. But this game still boasts of a cool theme. Not to forget, the neat and clean graphics. For players who don’t wish to go to a land-based casino, this game might come to the rescue. It has an impressive jackpot and classic symbols to help them win real money.

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