Dolphin Coast Slot

The Dolphin Coast slot is a very rare slot from Microgaming, for whilst it is one of their newer All Pays slots, it is one on which you have the highest number of ways to win in play when playing off a single spin.

Below you will find more about this fun to play slot on which, with some luck in playing, you could bag a jackpot worth a huge 7.5million coins, so read on as we think you are going to love the design of this slot game for sure!

Slot Structure

Amazingly you are going to have 3125 ways to win and to be able to do so you need to place a wager of 50 coins or an increment of 50 coins on each spin you do play off.

As soon as you get at least the minimum required amount of matching symbols on the first reel and then on consecutive reels in any position you will have formed that winning combination and will receive its associated winning payout as listed on the pay table!

Bonus Features

By you spinning in a winning spin when playing this game you will be offered the option of taking a gamble game on which you can try and increase those winnings or risk losing them all! By clicking onto the gamble button after a winning spin you will then get to play a playing card based picking game.dolphin coast slot

You will be able to try and guess the suit of the playing card about to be dealt out and by doing so correctly your gambled amount will be doubled or you can try and guess the suit of that soon to be revealed card to boost the value of your inning payout by four times its value if you do indeed guess the suit correctly!

Free Spins

When you have triggered 15, 20 or 25 free spins which you will do when you have spun in three, four or all five of the scatter symbols respectively you will find the wild symbols which are only attached to reels two and four during the base game will become available on all five reels but not in a stacked like formation which they are during the base game.

Wild Symbol

The Dolphin oats Logo symbol can only spin in on reel number three, and when it does it can award a special bonus feature if it has helped you form at least one winning combination. That bonus feature will see you having to pick one of the three dolphins that will be shown on the slot game screen to reveal a multiplier value that will be attached to that wild symbol for that winning spin!


Another wild symbol is also in play and is also stacked on reels two and four and that symbol is the Dolphin symbol.

Highest Paying Reel Symbols 

The Turtle reel symbols are the jackpot paying ones, and for each set of five of them covered by a single way to win you spin in for each increment of 50 coins you wagered on the base game spin you will receive a 250 coin jackpot payout.

Our Opinion

Never be under the impression that by playing any slot machines such as the Dolphin Coast slot machine that due to those 3125 ways to win it has on offer you will get more winning spins when playing it than you ever would when playing any other slot with a lower number of paylines or ways to win.

We have found when playing this slot much like any other slot game, you are going to experience winning and losing spins all of the time, and ultimately it is the payout percentage of that slot that will determine whether you get a large amount of your stakes back as winning payouts or not!