Don’t Play 6 to 5 Blackjack Games!

Playing Blackjack is something many people enjoy doing and one of the main reasons those types of blackjack games are popular with players all over the world is that you are going to find that once you learn how to play each variant optimally and with no playing errors you can get the house edges down to some tiny amounts.

However, whilst to the first time blackjack player all blackjack games look the same, there are several unique aspects in regards to each games design that will either make those games very appealing to players or will make those game very poor valued ones and therefore games worth avoiding!

One thing that can and does affect the house edge of a blackjack game is the payout you are awarded with when you have been dealt out a winning Blackjack hand, that being an Ace card and any ten valued playing card.

If you are playing a variant with a 3 to 2 payout then the house edge on hat game will be much better for players than the house edge attached to blackjack game on which those winning unmated players Blackjack hands are paid out at odds of 6 to 5!

When to Play Blackjack

To be able to have an enjoyable blackjack playing experience not only do you need to track down the lowest house edge variant and learn how to play it perfectly and strategically, but you will also need to know when is the best time to play blackjack if you plan on visiting a land based casino venue.

You need to avoid weekends and evenings in such venues if you want to have a hassle free blackjack playing experience for it is at those times of the day and night when the casinos are at their busiest, and as such you may often have to wait for a seat to become available if you do play at their busiest times!

Play Blackjack at Your One Speed Online

Online casinos are probably going to be the best places you can play blackjack at if you are the type of player who wants to play off each hand at a much more leisurely pace, as when playing at a software driven casino you can take as long as you like playing off each hand and making your playing and betting decisions!

However, one thing you may not be aware of is that more and more casino sites now offer live blackjack games, and those games are actually taking place in land based casinos and you can place your bets on those blackjack game tables remotely from your own home.

When playing live blackjack games online you will have slot of different tables available to you and you keep track of all that is happening on and around the blackjack table via a live video stream, plus you can also interact with players and Dealers via chat room too!

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