EU Stepping Up Their Game with Online Casino Regulations

The Online Gambling Market is one of the largest areas of profit. Every firm is trying to get a piece of the pie. However, the whole field of online gambling is changing. With new laws and a tighter regulatory framework being worked on, online gambling seems to be going even further. The whole idea of newer frameworks is being made in order to facilitate a sustainable, safe and reliable market. Needless to say, this is turning into a boon for all players as well as the investors.

UK at the Forefront

The United Kingdom has always been very open regarding online gambling. This is the reason all of the laws pertaining to online gambling, from the various casinos to the national lottery are all regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). In recent times, 2 of the most important changes they have introduced are that any gambling operator not licensed in the country will be unable to continue and that any player can opt out of a game at any time without any lengthy procedures which can make them change their minds. Other countries in the European Union often look towards the UK to lead in the way of regulations when it comes to online gambling.

Other Countries

Both Spain and Italy banned online gambling until recently. With Spain, online gambling regulations started in 2011, while in Italy, online poker became legal in 2007. Spain however, did not allow online slots till as late as 2014, when one of the most popular games in the virtual world was made available. In Italy, 2010 was the year when full regulations to online gambling were introduced in order to provide a safe and reliable field of operation for foreign online casinos. Other countries like Bulgaria, Italy, and Denmark have also tightened their reins on online casinos in recent times to reflect new laws and changes being

Effect on Operators

The EU represents one of the largest online gambling sources in the world. As such, all big gambling houses like Bet365 or online gambling portals like are constantly upgrading their laws and obtain the updated licenses to make sure that they are ahead of the curve. Needless to say, they represent some of the biggest names in the online casino world and provide some of the most update options when it comes to online gambling.

Adaptation is the Name of the Game

Not all laws being introduced are beneficial to the online gambling scene. However, this cannot be helped as casinos have to change in order to keep up. After all, they are created with everybody in mind. As such, most legal establishments are also changing and adapting to the new changes.

Nonetheless, whatever the changes that may be required, online gambling is as popular as ever. The chance of turning it in big appeals to everyone. And with newer technologies like mobile gambling and virtual apps, they are reaching out further out than ever.

The question is:

Are you ready to play and try your luck as well?

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