Free Las Vegas Attractions

There are going to be plenty of things to do apart from gambling in Vegas, so when that time arrives when you want to take a break from the gaming tables, slots or video poker machines you will find plenty of things to do, many of which are completely free of charge.

One of the most watched free attractions in Las Vegas are the fountains at the Bellagio Casino, many times during the day those fountains will blast into life with one of many different songs or tunes playing out in the background.

If you are thinking of visiting the Downtown area of Las Vegas then one of the best times to plan that visit will be in the evening, for that is when the Freemont Street Light Show will be switched on!

There is a roof covering the main casino occupied area on Freemont Street that has millions of lights embedded into it, which will dance to music once they are turn on and it is a spectacle worth seeing and it is free to watch too!

Grab a Tourist Magazine or Coupon Book

As soon as you land in Vegas you are going to have access to free tourist related magazines, newspapers and coupon books and it will be worth grabbing one of them as by doing so you are going to be able to see just what free offers and free tourist attractions are on offer during the following few days or the week ahead.

You will find those publications are available from most hotel reception areas, at the airport and in most taxis, so you will not have to look very hard to get hold of one of them.

Also consider making use of the concierge at the casino resort you are staying at, for the staff members there are very knowledgeable and should be able to point you in the right direction in regards to what you are looking to do!

Free Play Online Slot Tournaments

If your planned trip to Vegas is weeks or months ahead, and you fancy getting your gambling fix but would prefer to do so without spending any money, you will find that many of the casinos we have showcased throughout our website often hold free to enter slot and casino games tournaments.

By signing up and becoming a registered player at those casino sites you are then going to be able to take part in those free casino game tournaments without being required to spend any of the bankroll you are planning on using for Vegas!

The best aspect about those free tournaments is that you will have the chance of winning real cash or bonus credit prizes, so you will get your slot or card game playing fix at no risk but will still have the chance of winning real money. Just try not to spend any of the cash you have set aside to visit Vegas with, as you will have more than enough gambling opportunities when you arrive there!

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