Free Nevada Attractions

There are going to be quite a number of different attractions that you can make use of if and when you do pay a visit to Nevada, and as such if you do fancy getting away from the gaming tables and slot machines then consider setting aside to a day or two to get out an about.

One question often asked by first time visitors is whether they are going to be able to find easy public transport links in places such as Las Vegas, well that is of course something the town planners have taken notice of and there are many different ways for you to get out and about!

You could hail a cab quite easily or grab an Uber ride, however one way of getting up and down the Strip that won’t cost you the earth is by using the Deuce Bus Service, it runs the entire length of the Las Vegas Strip and also goes to the Downtown area too.

Another way of visiting all of the main Las Vegas Strip Casinos from the SLS Casino right up to the Mandalay Bay Casino is by using the Las Vegas Monorail, the only downside to using that service is that it tends to drop you off at the rear of many casinos, so you will have to do quite a bit of walking to visit more than one attraction!

Laughlin Car and Slot Machine Museum

If you have access to a vehicle then we would advise you to spend at least one day of your Vegas holiday getting away completely from Las Vegas and visiting one of the many different towns located nearby.

One place we are fond of visiting is Laughlin and when you do pay a visit there you are going to find plenty of completely free attractions and no car parking charges either! One place you should pay a visit to if you do make it to Laughlin is the Car and Slot Machine Museum that is located inside The Riverside Casino Resort.

Play Online Casino Games for Free When in Vegas

Most Las Vegas based casinos not only have huge gaming floors located inside their properties but you will also find many of them now offer their customers a range of completely free of charge casino games that you can access on your computer or mobile device.

However, whilst poker and betting sites can be accessed in Vegas in a real money playing environment you are not going to be able to play casino games online or on any type of mobile device offered by and licensed Las Vegas Casino for real money.

But you will be able to access and play casino sites that are licensed in offshore locations if you do get the urge to sit in your hotel room and play some casino themed games online or via a mobile gaming platform, instead of having to battle your way through the casino gaming floors to find your favourite games!

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