Why The Gambling Industry Is Centred At Gibraltar

Most people tend to think that Monte Carlo, or perhaps even Las Vegas, is the centre of the gambling world. Indeed the glittering casinos and lavish entertainment at these places still attract the cream of the world’s gamblers. However, another place that is also extremely important to the industry is Gibraltar. Although a lot of people don’t know much about it. This is because this British overseas territory has become the pivot of the internet based gambling industry. It that shares a border with Spain.

One of the Important Places in the Gambling Industry – Gibraltar

Gibraltar has made itself one of the most important places in the gambling industry over the past two decades. It is why the territory’s strategy of appealing to the online gaming industry has worked. It has extremely low taxes, which has succeeded very well for it.

The online gaming story at Gibraltar began in 1998.  The British bookkeeper Victor Chandler moved his operations to the territory in order to avoid having to pay excessively high taxes in the United Kingdom. The success of his gaming site, BetVictor, led more companies to follow it to Gibraltar. They were also very keen to get gaming licenses there. Most of the biggest igaming companies in the business are now headquartered in Gibraltar. Other are also in  Malta as it follows the same strategy. They include Willaim Hill, bwin.party, and Gala Coral. They are among a few of the approximately 35 leading companies licensed here.

Gaming Licenses from Gibraltar

While gaming licenses can indeed be obtained from other places, what makes the one from Gibraltar so desirable to internet based operators is that these licenses are only given after a lot of consideration. In fact, only companies that have a good track record in the business in addition to a proper business plan can qualify for one, which makes the license very hard to obtain. In other words, Gibraltar only licenses ‘blue chip’ gambling operators, and does not associate itself with fly by night operators. Customers who choose these casinos are assured of a reliable and high-quality gaming experience.

Detailed information about some of the leading internet-based gaming companies located in Gibraltar follows:

Stan James

A leading sportsbook, it has a good reputation that is more than 10 years old. The website stands out for its in-play betting feature. The site also has a very good online casino that offers table games, video slots, and live casino. The site features games from the best software development companies in the business. Players also enjoy checking out the promotions, especially for free spins, offered by the site.

William Hill

Probably the best-known bookmaker in the business, this company has a widespread presence on the ground and also on the internet. The site has an excellent reputation for reliability and it offers poker, online bingo, sports betting, and also a mind-bogglingly large number of casino games. The site is also available for mobile gaming.

888 Casino

One of the biggest gambling sites in the industry featuring an excellent portfolio of Net Entertainment games, this casino offers a wide range of quick and reliable gambling options. It is also a highly trusted site that has no problem at all attracting customers located in different parts of the world.

Bet Victor

Predominantly a sports betting site, Bet Victor offers a fine range of games including table games, poker, live casino, online slots, and of course, sports betting. It features games from some of the leading gaming software providers in the business and takes pains to ensure that the library of games is updated very frequently.

People interested in playing at reliable online casinos that feature all the latest games can easily find a wide choice of gaming sites licensed in Gibraltar.

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