Gambling Lucky Charms, Mascots and Superstitions

People are very strange beings, gamblers more so than most! A lot of players have lucky charms, such as $1 coins, stuffed toys, and I actually saw one woman with a 1990’s Furby toy!

There are also loads of superstitions, such as touching the game screen, hiding a reel with your hand and forcing the game to stop mid spin (even though the game has already decided your fate!). There are also those who honestly believe that lady luck with favour them with some sort of sacrifice such as giving a dollar to the wishing well. Thankfully, lady luck doesn’t require blood!

We have tried the whole lucky charm thing, and on the whole, we actually ended up worse off than when we started and have ascertained that they really are just a bunch of hocus-pocus. Don’t let that put you off though, a bit like Santa, it is real if you believe it is.

Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t win, the next game you play could bring you a tidy profit, one thing we would recommend though, if you do want a lucky charm, keep it small, you don’t really want to be lugging a 4ft toy dinosaur around the casino, then again, we’ve seen dogs in prams, so pretty much anything goes in casinos.

Karma Often Works!

If all else has failed when you are visiting a land based casino, and Lady Luck has appeared to have deserted you, then maybe it is time to turn to Karma to give you a helping hand!

If you see someone in need of a Dollar for a drink or something to eat, or you see a charity box then give them or throw into that box a Dollar or two, as you never know your act of kindness may just be rewarded. One charity that does benefit from gamblers generosity is the Rotary Club and you will see many of their wishing wells located around Nevada, as seen in our video above!

Weird Ways Online Slot Players Play

If you much prefer playing online slot machines then you will probably find at one point in time you put into place some form of strategy to play those types of slots, and there are literally thousands of different slots available in the online playing environment.

We have actually watched online slot players playing such slots and have witnessed quite a number of weird and wonderful ways they play them. Many players will rub the screen a certain way in the hope that by doing so a winning combination will spin in or a bonus game will trigger.

We have also seen players closing down a slot game window when playing a slot online after a high valued winning spin has just been spun in on that slot and then open that slot up again and play it again in the hope another big win will spin in or the slot will forget it has just paid out and start paying out again!

One thing to be aware of in regards to the design of all online slot machines and slot games is that each spin in completely random, and as such it doesn’t matter how you play them you have just as much chance of winning as you do of losing as soon as you click onto the start or spin button!

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