Gemix Slot

You will need to have a good read through of this review of the Gemix game to find out how to play it, for it is one of the more unique and very unusual games that you will find on offer at Play n Go software powered online and mobile casino sites.

The slot comes with something known as a Cluster Pays type of playing structure and format. When you look at the base game screen you will notice is has been designed in a grid like formation, and when you click onto the play button each of the positions on the grid will be filled with different gem stones or bonus symbols! Read on for details of how that Cluster Pays playing structure plays and pays!

Game Play

When playing the Gemix slot you have to play it for one of several different fixed stake levels, the minimum amount you can wager per game played off is just 50 coins, and the maximum bet stake amount is a much higher 100.00 per game stake!

When you click onto the Start button located at the bottom right side of the game screen the 49 positions on the grid on the base game screen will each fill up with different symbols. For you to be awarded with a winning payout you have to form a Cluster of matching symbols.

For reference a Cluster is defined as five or more matching reel symbols that are touching on the grid either horizontally or vertically. The pay table is designed as such that there are lots of winning payouts associated with each reel symbol depending on how many of them you spin in via the Cluster pays paying structure.

gemix slot startup screen

Bonus Modes

When you do form a winning Cluster of matching reel symbols those symbols are removed from the screen an additional ones drop down onto the screen to replace them, and that mean slots of extra winning Clusters can be formed continuously from a single game played off!

A special Crystal Charge feature can kick in when you are playing this game and by spinning in consecutive Cluster pays from a single game played of you have the chance of dramatically increasing the value of thee winning payouts via that feature which awards a payout multiplier value.

You can also progress through different levels of this game by forming special patterns, checkout the pay table for details of those patterns and the benefits of you forming one or more of them when playing this game, as the rewards are there when you do so!

Free Spins

You will not trigger a set of free spins or free games when playing the Gemix game, however that will not bother many players of this game for the additional bonus games listed above will keep you very busy!

World Wild

The Gemix game comes with a special set of wild symbols; there are three different types of World Wild reel symbols as they are known. However they are only going to be attached to the reel positions on the screen at random!

Those wild symbols will also only ever be randomly added to the screen positions at the end of a non-winning spin, so look out for them once you have played off each game as they could help turn a losing game into a winning one

The Gold Star symbols offer the following wins:

Pays 1000 coins for 15+

Pays 200 coins for 12+

Pays 40 coins for 10+

The Red Heart symbols pay:

Pays 500 coins for 15+

Pays 100 coins for 12+

Pays 15 coins for 10+

gemix slot paytable

Our Final Thoughts For This Slot

The only way that you are going to realistically determine whether the Gemix game is one you are likely to enjoy playing is to obviously give it some play time. That you are going to be able to do whenever you like and at no risk as it is available as a free to access and play slot at any casino sites that have the Play n Go range of slot games on offer.

To be honest we did find the playing structure and format of this game quite refreshing and certainly a change from the norm, and one final thing that may just force your hand and make you give it some play time is that is comes with a rather high and tempting long term expected payout percentage of some 96.00%!


gemix gameplay with wilds


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