How to Get More Slots Playing Value

It is the worst kept secret in the industry, some slots are designed to pay out very little for ages, but then when you hit a big win, you get a REALLY big win. These are called high variance.

One of the best-kept secrets is the progression in the comp clubs. Most casinos will do a like for like type system, where if you have a Platinum Card in one casino and show it to the Members Club along with ID, they will match the card with their own equivalent for this example Diamond.

Also, bear this in mind, as long as you are playing anything, be that cards, roulette or penny slots, the drinks are free (no wonder George Michael wrote Club Tropicana!), and as such whenever the drinks servers come round, get yourself one and tip the waitress or waiter, doing this will get you at the top of the priority queue!

If you accumulate enough points on your card, you can exchange this for free slot play and any winnings you can cash out after playing the initial amount!

Adjusting the wagers and lines will ensure the longevity of your game playing session, for example playing a 30 line slot for 5 lines. Remember to also check out the game stats and last cash out made, usually in white text on the bottom left hand side of the screen in letters so small you could need a microscope, for the lower the amount, the more likely it is that it will play well for you.

You Need to Join a Players Club or Comp Club

Each time you play for example a slot machine in any land based casino, if you have a Players or Comp Club Card inserted into that machine you will be earning points for each real money spin of the reels you play off, those points add up and you will then be able to redeem them for all manner of extras.

However, one thing you will also benefit from, if this is one of your very first visits to Vegas for example, is a special set of new player rewards simply for signing up to a casinos comp club, watch our video for an example of what you will get as a new member of one such comp club!

Massively Boost the Value of Your Bankroll Online

There is one sure-fire way that you can instantly and often quite massively boost the value of your slot playing bankroll and that is by you simply signing up to and playing at an online casino site.

Those casinos offer players lots of unique and exclusive casino bonuses but one that is often available to new players is a bonus known as a deposit match bonus. By making an initial deposit into a newly opened online casino account and then claiming such a bonus that will see the casino matching its value, or even giving it a 200% boost or higher increase in value!

Just make sure you shop around for the deposit match online casino bonuses that are designed to give you true and real value and the way to tell whether any bonus does is to look through and then digest all of the information found on the terms and conditions associated with such bonuses!

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