Go! Monkey Slot Review

There are numerous ways to design a game and developers are still thinking of various new ways, that separates the game from the other similar themed games. With TopGame’s Go! Monkey slot, your ideal concept of online betting will change drastically.

The game does not include any slot game feature, nor has any additional bonus features that are found in other slot games, but instead, the player will have to bet on a very special race in order to make money. Although there still are certain special features that pop up constantly during the monkey race, allowing the player to win additional rewards. But the main task is to find out which monkey is the closest to the finish line.

So, let’s dig deeper to find out more about the different ways of winning the race.

Go! Monkey Slot Gameplay

This online betting game by TopGame has a different theme, in which there are a bunch of monkeys climbing up the tree and the player has to bet on their prediction, where they predict the monkey that will reach the top of the tree first.

The background of the gaming screen consists of a tropical jungle, where this group of monkeys is about to race for the first place. As the race commences, the colourful monkeys can be seen climbing up the tree, to reach there first.

The originality of the game along with clean animations and entertaining environment make it stand out in the online gaming market.

As soon as the game is loaded, the player is brought to the pre-racing game screen. The player then has to select two monkeys out of the bunch, that he thinks are going to finish in the first and second place. There are different odds attached to each monkey, which can be checked by the player. If the most unlikely monkey ends up winning the race, the player will win the biggest prize. The player can select between 1, 5 and 10 coins per race/bet.

This is for all those players that are playing this game for the first time. We would recommend starting with the monkey that is most likely to win the race and slowly and gradually increases the risk. The game also has a few special features, that can help the player win a nice payout.

Icons and Features in Go! Monkey Slot

There are no special symbols in the game, unlike most of the other slot games available in the market. But the game still consists of a few surprises that can help the player. For example, the player places his bet before the race commences. He can select the baccarat option to then bet on an outcome for himself, the banker or a tie. The icons on top of the gaming screen can be selected by the player to increase the bet. This helps in getting a better payout.

The free monkey bonus is activated randomly. It helps the player by adding extra cash in the total payout of a winning combination. This helps the player get closer to the big jackpot.

There is also a jackpot bonus in the game, which is activated randomly like the free monkey bonus. Upon activation, the screen will be filled with fireworks. The payouts for the player will be multiplied by 3, 4 or 5 times. This is the best way to win maximum money on a single bet.

What We Really Liked About Go! Monkey Slot

Go! Monkey Slot can act as a revolutionary game, that changes the way people perceive slot games. With its original concept, interesting gameplay and unique features, it can really bring a change for any player, who wants to try something new.