Golden Ticket Slot

The Golden Ticket slot game is one of quite a number of slots designed and supplied by Play n Go that offer players something known as an All Pays playing structure. The design of the slot is such that you have a 5 x 5 grid in view on the slot game screen and therefore there will be twenty five in view reel symbols in that grid.

Now, whenever you click onto the spin button the reels do not spin, what happens is that all of the in view reel symbols on the screen will fall off the screen and then a new set of reel symbols will cascade onto the screen from the top.

The reel symbols will then fill in the positions on the grid and if you get at least three matching reel symbols the associated winning payout will then be awarded to you. However, what will then happen is that all of the reel symbols that have formed the winning combination get removed from the grid.

To fill in the now vacant gaps on the screen the symbols above the missing ones drop down to fill in those gaps. That does of course mean that you can then form additional winning combinations. If you do those symbols are then also removed from the screen to be replaced with new ones!

It is very easy to achieve a very large number of consecutive winning payouts when playing this slot game from your initial base game spin, and as such at times it can be a high paying slot if you are lucky enough to continually see new winning combinations forming via that cascading reels structure!

Game Play

Possibly one of the most interesting aspect of the Golden Ticket slot game is that you will be able to form a winning combination in a row horizontally or vertically when playing this slot and as such you just need three matching reel symbols to line up in that way to receive the associated winning payout.golden ticket gameplay screenshot

However, you do need to wager at the very least 20 coins to have all of those ways of winning in play on the slot game screen, but the coin values do vary in size and you can wager as little as just 0.20 or as much as 4.00 per spin.

Bonus Modes

In regards to bonus games and bonus feature the only one that can be awarded to you is the one reviewed below. There are no random features or base game bonus features that can be triggered when playing this slot however there is a wild symbol in play as you will discover below that can help you form additional winning combinations.

bonus table

Free Spins

To trigger the free spins bonus game you are first required to have spun into view on one or more of the columns the word Bonus, and once you do you will then be awarded with your free spins. There is a special pay table that will come into play during that bonus game and by spinning in 5 or more Bonus symbols during the bonus game you can win additional free spins too!

Standard Wild

The wild symbol that is in play on every single reel of this slot game is the Golden Ticket reel symbol, and as such whenever it has been spun in it will stand in for the other symbols and can quite often help you form lots of winning combinations. You will get an insight into the payouts that can be achieved when the wild symbols form a winning combination on their own by looking at the pay table of the slot.

The Golden Ticket symbols offer the following wins:

Pays 500 coins for 5

Pays 15 coins for 4

Pays 5 coins for 3 land

The Ring Master symbols pay:

25 coins when 5 land

2.5 coins when 4 land

0.5 coins when 3 land

golden ticket slot paytable

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to you finding a slot game that will always be guaranteed of giving you the maximum number of ways to win on each spin you play off the Golden Ticket slot game is
an idea one to play. Just keep in mind that as long as you get enough matching reel symbols in view on adjoining reels starting one the very first one you will then be guaranteed of having those symbols covered in a way to win!



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