Grave Grabbers Slot Review

Top Game welcomes all the players to their spooky and mysterious world, where Grave Grabbers slot has people rising from the dead to allow living beings to win treasures.

The theme of the slot game is quite spooky to be honest, just like the name suggests, with a scary atmosphere all around and frightening details that surround the gaming screen. Talking about this particular mix, where scary details are mixed with high paying rewards, it is generally well received by most of the players.

Get ready to dig some skeletons up, with our complete review of the game.

Gameplay of Grave Grabbers Slot

The spooky action mixed with funny elements welcomes gamers to the universe of Grave Grabbers, where the end result is quite satisfying.

A full moon can be seen in the corner in a surrounding which is otherwise quite dark. The background of the gaming screen is a graveyard, that consists of various skeletons with a funny appearance, covering the reels in the game.

The sound effects of the game are spooky too, just like the visuals, which consists of screams along with a fast tune that plays, every time the reels spin.

The graphics of the game are well designed too, contributing to the overall fun and spooky gameplay.

Rules of Grave Grabbers Slot

It is essential for a player to know various options of the gameplay in order to get a good head start. Knowing the options that can be customised and the ones that cannot be, helps the player to understand the elements of the gameplay better.

The game consists of 5 reels in total, with 3 symbols each, across 20 different pay lines in all directions. There are arrows at the bottom of the screen. They allow players to adjust the bet amount and pay lines. The amount that the player is rewarded with depends on the winning combinations that are formed on the pay lines activated by him. In case, the player wants to go all in, then they can select the ‘Max Bet’ option. This activates all the pay lines, which can help him win the jackpot.

The player can also select the ‘Autoplay’ mode. It helps them sit back and spin a total number of reels on their behalf. The game settings adjust earlier by the player remains the same during this mode.

Symbols in Grave Grabbers Slot

The symbols in Grave Grabbers slot are designed with a creative thought. They add value to the overall spooky and fun gameplay of the game. The symbols are divided into two categories – The low paying symbols and the high paying symbols.

The low paying symbols consist of different situational skeletons in different outfits. You’ll come across skeletons reading a book or perhaps with an umbrella. Surprisingly, you’ll also see skeletons dressed as an angel or with a glass of liquor in hand. Of course, there has to be skeletons with a wreath. These are the symbols that appear more than high paying symbols.

The high paying symbols include a zombie, a bat, a ghost and grim reaper. Get more of these symbols on the reels and your payout amount will increase extensively.

Bonuses Available in Grave Grabbers Slot

The game includes extra bonuses that can be triggered by players in order to win more. The wild symbol in the game is a creepy manor. It helps replace all the other ordinary symbols on the reels, to form a winning combination.

The gravedigger symbol rewards extra cash to the player if it appears on an activated pay line.

The other bonus symbols are the gravestones. They reward the player with free spins. Did you manage to get five of these symbols? If so, you could be rewarded with 10 free games, which can help you make a lot of money.

What We Thought About Grave Grabbers Slot

Overall, the game is a perfect mixture of funny and spooky action, that can help the player win some real money.

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