Immortal Romance Slot

When Microgaming started to bring out their own unique range of All Ways and All Pays slot games, those being slots that offer players the ability of playing every single permutation of pay lines that are visible on a slot games screen, they did design some highly entertaining and exciting slots in that slot game category and they continue to do so.

However, one of the slots that have proven to be a runaway success and one that is at the top of many players lists of the slots they play time and time again is the Immortal Romance slot game. With that in mind we have put together a review of this slot below which will let you know what is unique yet highly appealing about this slot game from a player’s point of view!

96.86% Payout Percentage – Any slot game that has been certified as having a payout percentage of over 95% is always going to allow you to get some reasonably long slot playing sessions when you play those type of slots.10 free spins

However, the savviest of slot players are actively tracking down and making a beeline to play only those slots which boast much higher payout percentages, and as such if you are one such player we just know that you will enjoy playing the Immortal Romance slot thanks to its certified 96.86% RTP!

All Ways Slot – The Immortal Romance slot game has five video reels and when you look at the slot game screen you will see on each of those five reels there are three visible reel symbols. The way in which Microgaming have designed this slot is that every single way of you being able to form a winning combination will be in live play when you send the reels spinning!

When playing a standard payline slot that would of course mean you would have to wager 243 individual coins on each spin to have them all in live play, however this being an All Ways structured slot you only have to wager 30 coins or an increment of 30 coins to have all of those 243 ways of forming a winning combination in play!

Wild Symbols – The logo symbols can be spun in at any time and when they do they act as wild symbols so you could see them helping your form lots of winning combinations from time to time due to the 243 ways to win you have in play when playing this slot.immortal romance slot characters

Jackpot Symbols – The Immortal Romance wild symbols mentioned above will also be the way in which you can win the jackpot when playing this slot and to do so you need one of each of them simply appearing in any reel position on all five of the reels from a single spin played off.

Wild Desire Feature and Free Spins – Without a shadow of a doubt you will want to see the Wild Desire bonus feature being awarded to you when you play this slot for that feature can be randomly warded to you as soon as you click onto the spin button to send the reels spinning. When it has been awarded to you up to five of the reels will then be turned completely wild!

In addition to the Wild Desire feature you can also trigger a set of free spins when three or more scatter symbols have been spun into view. However, the more times you trigger that feature the more available options open up for you to then play off a set of free spins, each option offers an additional built in feature or a higher multiplier value!

Our Overall Score For This Slot

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