Lady of the Moon Slot Review

Explore ancient China, which is filled with innumerable legends, in this new game by TopGame called Lady of the moon slot. We have to say, the theme of the game is quite exceptional, as the makers of this game have tried getting an inspiration from a very different source this time.

Based on Chinese Mythology, this game explores the story of the lady that ate magical herbs to become the immortal goddess of the moon. The main task for the player in this particular game is to collect all the characters and artefacts from the story.

Lady of the Moon Slot  Theme

The background of the starting screen consists of a beautiful mountain somewhere in ancient China, which is glowing in the night.

The tall trees are illuminated by the light of the moon, that can be seen hidden below the dense fog and clouds. The background of the slot game is very calming and soothing, and also manages to be the central element of the theme. Music again, will take you back to ancient China, which compliments the theme beautifully, contributing to the overall gameplay for the player.

Lady of the Moon Slot Gameplay

The normal slot game rules are being used by Lady of the moon, which keeps the settings as low as possible, so that the player can focus more on the game than the settings. Below the reels, the player can find all the commands that he will require in the game. The 13 pay lines that are present in the game are fixed, that run across five reels that spin. Get the winning symbols on the pay lines to win rewards.

The autoplay feature allows the player to play a number of games, without having to alter the settings for each game.

The Ancient Symbols and Legends in Lady of the Moon Slot

Let us divide the symbols in sets of two, with both representing the ancient Chinese mythological characters.

The first set of symbols include various objects, such as, an axe, a mortar, a sword and a bow. Although these symbols aren’t of high value, they do appear quite often on the reels, to form winning combinations and increase the chances of winning for the player.

The second set of symbols include different legends, such as, the warrior, the queen, the archer and the rabbit.

The Wild and Scatter Symbol in Lady of the Moon Slot

The best thing about Lady of the moon is that it contains three different symbols. They have special powers to help the player make the most out of this game.

The wild symbol in the game is the moon. Like any other slot game, it will replace all the other regular symbols to help form a winning sequence. However, it cannot replace the scatter symbol. Manage to get a couple of them on the reels? You might end up winning more than you thought you could.

The scatter symbol in the game is the weeping willow. Instead of winning cash, scatter symbol rewards the player with free spins. So the player has chances of winning more money. Scatter symbol can be seen on three reels – 3rd, 4th and 5th. If you get them on all the three reels simultaneously, then you’ll win 13 free games.

The bonus symbol in the game is the golden leaves symbol. Get three of them and win a maximum of 3300 points.

Our Opinion of Lady of the Moon Slot

The overall game looks beautiful, as the premise of the theme will take you back to ancient China. The game looks a bit challenging. But there are various different ways to win big, with the three special symbols opening all doors of possibilities. If it’s your lucky day, you can manage to win 13,000 times more than your original bet. What can be more motivational than that?

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