Locating the Best Paying Video Poker Games

There are lots of different video poker games variants you can play in a land based casino, and as such if you are a fan of those card-based gaming machines you really will be in seventh heaven when you visit any such venue.

However, if you are much more of a slot game player then one thing you need to be aware of is that by playing video poker games instead of slot machines and by learning to play them optimally you will find they do tend to pay back more of your stakes over the long term than any slot machine ever could.

The payout percentages on most video poker games are in the 99% and higher range, and when you compare that to some slot game RTP’s which could be in the low to mid 80% ranges you will see why it does make sense to play video poker games as opposed to slot machines!

Look out for video poker games that have an auto hold feature on offer on them as by turning that option setting on it will take all of the guesswork out of knowing which cards to hold and which to discard once your initial five card hand combination has been dealt out to you!

Tracking Down High RTP Video Poker Games

We put a theory to the test when we recently visited a land based casino, and that theory is that many casinos do have some very high-paying video poker machines on offer, however they tend to hide them deep inside their respective gaming floors.

After spending almost five minutes hunting down such video poker games we did find a bank of them as you will see on the above video, and those we did find with optimum play can return payout percentages in excess of 100%!

Differences in Regards to Online Video Poker Game RTP’s

If you have chosen to play video poker games online as opposed to playing them in a land based casino venue then one thing you have to be fully aware of is that even though two video poker games may have the same name the pay tables on those games could be different.

It will obviously be the video poker games that boast the highest paying pay tables that you will need to track down and play to get more of your stakes returned to you over the long term as winning payouts.

Take for example if you prefer the classic game of Jacks or Better video poker, when you play that variant at say for example a Playtech or Microgaming software powered casino site the RTP that game has been set to return as sites using their software is 99.54% which is the industry standard RTP of that particular variant.

However, by making the wise decision of playing at an online casino utilizing the NetEnt software platforms then by playing their version of Jacks or Better you will find the pay table attached to that game will return a payout percentage over the long term of 99.56%!

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