Low Cost Vegas Hotels and Casino Resorts

If you want a budget break, but don´t want to end up contracting lice, ticks and possibly an STI off the bed linen, then get away from the Strips’ seedy motels that offer rooms by the hour and head downtown.

It is one of those places where there is loads of action, but you aren’t literally in the middle of it all. Downtown is generally where you will find a range of small independent casinos and hotels run with a family business ethic where every last detail is rarely overlooked by management.

They tend to be calmer and more relaxed with a smaller number of staff, so by the end of your visit you will end up on first name terms with pretty much all the staff from the cleaners to the servers, security to the management.

Downtown Las Vegas is around 20 minutes bus ride away from the strip, and the busses run around every 10 to 15 minutes and pretty much around the clock so you can always get to and from the strip whenever you like.

You will also find that downtown has a thriving art community, so if you want to find a quirky and unique gift for someone, this is the place to be, from genuine Native American handbags to Chinese art specifically customized for you, you will always have something to do.

There is also far less traffic Downtown, so you won’t be risking life and limb trying to cross the road!

Pay No Resort Fees

We are convinced that if one Vegas Strip casino resort did get rid of their resort fees that place would be packed out with guests every single day of the week, however we are not sure if it is greed or simply financial reasons that make all Vegas casinos charge resort fees, which in some cases are enormous.

One place that does have its own strip of casinos is Laughlin, and whilst it will take an hour or two to get there by car or by one of the many shuttle services when you do arrive all of the casino resorts based there are resort free venues and as such the price you see for your room will be the one you pay, plus of course with any additional taxes added on!

Compare Casinos and Their Games Online

Make sure that you never take the first price being offered to you at any website you may be visiting in regards to hotel and resort room charges, as you need to set aside as much time as you can do to compare prices to secure the lowest ones.

One place that you will usually find offers the very highest prices for their hotel rooms and suites is the actual websites of the land based casinos you are thinking of visiting! Websites such as Booking.com and Trivago.com often are offered huge discounts to pass onto their website visitors and customers and those prices will be way lower than those that are displayed on a land based casino resorts website!

Also take a look at some of the casino game designers websites before you fly off on holiday, as you will often find websites such as the IGT website and the WMS Gaming website have reviews and overviews of all of their recently released and soon to be released slot games, so you can find out what slots and other games may be available to you on your next Las Vegas vacation when you do so!

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