Lowest Paying Casino Game

As soon as you visit a land-based casino in places such as Las Vegas, you will often be overwhelmed by just how many different games will be on offer to you. Whilst most experienced players will simply head to play their favourite games, some first time gamblers may be confused at just which ones are going to be offer them the best winning opportunities.

It will be the video poker games, blackjack games and baccarat games that are going to be offering you the highest payout percentages and the lowest house edges, so maybe those should be the game you consider playing if you are an inexperienced player.

There is, however, plenty of different games on offer to you in any land based casino, but you do need to know just which games to avoid, as some of them offer ridiculously low payout percentages and very high house edges!

One of the lowest paying casino game you will find on many casino gaming floors is the Big Wheel game, and whilst on the face of it that game looks very appealing and very easy to play you will find it is one you should never play if you want your bankroll to last as long as is possible!

Electronic Big Wheel Games

You could come across a standard and original type of Big Wheel game on the gaming floor of any casino you visit and if you do so then there will be a member of staff tasked with spinning that wheel and removing losing bets from the betting layout and paying put winning bets on the layout too.

However, as this game is such a high earner for casinos there are lots of new Big Wheel games which are fully automated, and by watching the above video above you will see one such game in play.

Online Casino Games Have Higher RTP’s

Anyone who does enjoy gambling in casinos will not have failed to notice that there are now hundreds if not thousands of different online casinos available to them, in fact there are almost as many mobile casinos now available to you too which allow you to play real money casino games on any type of mobile device.

One thing you may not be aware of however when you do start playing at online and mobile casino sites is that the payout percentages on many of the games available are often set way higher than the payout percentages on offer in a land based casino.

The main reason the RTP’s are higher is that the running costs for an online casino or mobile casino are a fraction of what a land based casinos operating costs are, and as such the operators of those sites can offer much more appealing and attractive payout percentages.

Our only word of advice in regards to playing at an online or mobile casino is to ensure the ones you do sign up and play at are fully licensed and regulated, as that way you will be assure of accessing fair and random games.

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