Magic Crystals Slot Review

Most of the online slot players love shiny and glittery themed slots, which also has certain mysterious rewards hiding in the gameplay. Magic Crystals slot one is for all such players. This slot invites you to dig in the mysterious cave and collect as many precious stones as possible.

All you have to do is get these glittery stones in a perfect winning combination to win tremendous cash rewards. So, if you are ready for the adventurous journey and want to win some big rewards, continue reading further, as we do an in-depth breakdown of Magic Crystals slot.

Magic Crystals Slot Gameplay

The game is set in an unknown cave which is covered with crystals, that keep glowing all the time.

This makes the atmosphere glittery and mysterious at the same time. The graphics of the game are of top quality, which help enhance the overall enchanting gameplay. An unusual melody accompanies the graphics to further help players submerge in this mysterious and unknown universe. To be honest, Magic Crystals have all the elements that help keep the player busy with the gameplay and reward them for their persistence.

The main task for the player is to get these fancy colourful crystals on their reels in a winning combination to win cash rewards and Top Game has certainly ensured that there are plenty of options for these players to do so.

There are a total of 5 reels in the game, each of which consists of three symbols. The player can win cash rewards by forming a winning combination, which can be done in 243 different ways. The absence of paylines is another interesting element in the gameplay, since the player can form winning combinations anywhere on the screen and all of them count.

The bet size can be adjusted using the (+) and (-) buttons. The former one to increase the bet size and the latter to reduce it. When you are ready with your perfect bet size, just hit the play button and let the magic crystals do their job for you.

The presence of Autoplay feature helps the player to relax for a bit, as the reels spin themselves for a set number of duration.

Symbols and BonusesĀ 

The magic crystals shine in the dark cave that surrounds the enchanting gaming screen. All the player has to do is stay focused to recognise all these basic symbols, that can help them win.

The smaller the crystals the lower the payout. Smaller crystals come in different colours including Red, Purple, Yellow and Green. The larger crystals on the other hand reward big payout. These are the exact opposite of smaller crystals as they are more valuable and rare to find.

The wild symbol in the game is the Obsidian. It substitutes for all the basic crystals and helps in forming a winning combination. Get a combination of Obsidian and the wins will be multiplied by 2.

The gold scatter symbol has two special roles in the game. First is that they can appear anywhere without being in alignment and 3 of them can reward you and the second role is to reward free spins. It rewards the player with a total of up to 25 free spins, giving them a massive chance to win big.

Why We Recommend This Slot

Magic Crystals slot brings together all the classic elements of a well-designed slot game. These include good looking symbols, nice graphics and a marvellous gameplay. The absence of pay lines give players massive opportunities to win more cash rewards. This is because winning combinations anywhere can reward them.

Progressive jackpot could have been an additional feature. But nonetheless the scatter and wild symbols play important roles too in rewarding big cash prizes.