Pioneer Casino in Laughlin

If literally sleeping above a bank of slot machines doesn’t appeal to you, the Pioneer offers chalet type accommodation where rooms cost as little as $15 a night. The Pioneer is a cosy, homelike casino with a very modest feel.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not a dive bar, but it’s also not The Ritz. Simply put it is very cheap and cheerful and offers many of the many of the perks available the more expensive hotels offer such as room service but you do have to pay extra for Wi-Fi!

The accommodation physically isn’t attached to the casino itself, however, is like its own little Wild West Town with views overlooking the landscaped gardens and river. They seem to have a fetish for water features too, and you’ll see some gorgeous artificial waterfalls, fountains and ponds.

All of the rooms are cleaned daily by the domestic staff and should you require anything, you can call housekeeping 24 hours a day. The rooms are fairly spacious, though not huge and come with colour TV, phone and of course, a comfortable double bed that could technically sleep about 4 people!

Although there isn’t a pool, you’re a stone’s throw away from the Aquarius Casinos brand new outdoor pool which is due to open in summer 2017 which also serves food and drinks at the pool bar.

Rooms Set Away from the Casino

One of the main attractions for many people of visiting the Pioneer Casino in Laughlin is that all of the apartments are set away from the main casino building, which you will appreciate if you are for example a smoker who wants to pop outside for a smoke!

Also, you will find they have pet friendly rooms too, and for a small additional fee you can opt for a room that is facing the beautiful Colorado River, and by doing so you will wake up to the sound of the river flowing, the birds tweeting and will see the sun rising over the mountains each morning too!

Play Casino Games Online Before Visiting

It can often be a very overwhelming feeling when you wander onto a land-based casinos gaming floor and come across hundreds or even thousands of different games you have never seen or played before.

Many of those games are semi-skilled based games too, such as Blackjack and Video Poker, and one thing you should never do is simply pick a game at random to play and just hope for the best!

If you are thinking of visiting the Pioneer Casino in Laughlin or for that matter any land-based casino anywhere, then before you go open up an online casino site account and use that account to access the free play games on offer at those sites.

By doing so you will often come across dozens of different games that are also available in land based casinos, and by playing them for free, much more with so games such as Blackjack and Video poker you can also master playing them optimally and strategically and that in turn will see you then having the maximum winning opportunities when playing them in a land based casino.

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