Playboy Slot

There are of course no prizes if you can guess the theme of the Playboy slot! This is an adult themed slot game that is now available to play at any of the very large number of online and mobile casino sites that offer players the ever growing range of slots and other casino games designed and launched by Microgaming.

As you are likely to want to play a wide and very varied range of slot games online but slots that are going to both entertain you and give you plenty of winning opportunities, below you will find an in-depth overview and review of what makes the Playboy slot game from Microgaming such an enjoyable slot to play. So read on as there is a very good chance you will like the way it has been designed and put together too!

96.57% Long Term RTP – The one piece of information regarding any slot game that we always demand to know, and something that you should always ensure you know is the long term expected payout percentage of any slot you do fancy playing.

You need to make sure that the only slot games you do play are those with higher than average RTP’s and we are happy to report that the long term expected payout percentage of the Playboy slot from Microgaming is set high at some 96.57%!

All Pays Paying Structure – When you do fancy getting stuck into playing the Playboy slot game online or on a mobile device you will need to be aware that is has been designed as what is known as an All Pays slot and as such it is similar to a fixed payline slot with one major difference.playboy slot free spins progressive scale diagram

You are forced to play for a stake of 30 coins or an increment of 30 coins and by doing so when you send the reels spinning you have 243 ways to win, in fact every single permutation of pay line that can be formed via the base game screen will be in play on each spin, so any matching set of three or more reels symbols spinning in from left to right will guarantee you of a winning payout!

Wild Symbols – The Playboy Bunny symbols are the wild symbols and when you spun in at the very least one of the Playboy Bunny symbols and they do help you complete and then form a winning combination they will double the winning payout of that winning combination formed!

Jackpot Symbols – In fact, the Playboy Bunny reel symbols are also the jackpot paying reel symbols and when one of them at least spins in on any reel position on all five of the video reels you will be guaranteed of having the combination covered by one of the 243 ways to win.

4 Different Free Spins Games – By playing this slot game more and more over any length of time you are going to then be given more options in regards to how you can play off a set of free spins.

However, you will need to have spun in three or more of the scattered Playboy Magazine reel symbols to be initially awarded with a set of free spins. By triggering the bonus games more and more times you will then finally get the choice of playing off one of four different sites of free spins.

The types of  free spins on offer will include ones with a high valued multiplier, rolling reels or even one of two different sets of wild symbols in play, each of which offer a different level of volatility as you are playing them off.

Our Overall Score For This Slot

playboy slot gameplay screen shot