The River Walk in Laughlin

The River Walk in Laughlin is stunning, however not when it’s windy or raining! On a pleasant day, if you want to get out of your hotel, it really is nice to simply stroll down the walk, grab a bite to eat or a drink somewhere and look over the river. Granted it wasn’t too nice when the heavens opened in the middle of January, but no one told us it would do that!

The river walk is clean as can possibly be, with various interesting sculptures and features and has many little shacks selling beers, water, soft drinks and Colorado River Cruise tickets. You will also see the beauty of each different resort in its own unique style, from Western themed apartments to Modern Villas. If you don’t have your kids with you, it should be noted every casino can be entered from the River Side Walk.

During the summer months, there are lots of activities going on, and also the resort mini beaches will be open. Some activities are suitable for younger guests, but this is all down to the discretion of the provider. There is also a regular tradition where motorized vehicles are banned on the river for the day, and all the sailors, kayakers and rowers come out which is amazing to watch, and that is the Laughlin River Run.

You will also see a variety of sculpted and landscaped gardens and water features, not to mention out crops of the dock so you can get an undisturbed view of the river and hopefully some great photos of you and your family.

The people of Laughlin are extremely friendly, and as such you’ll never have an issue with asking someone to take your picture, or them even offering!

When doing the walk, be aware that about half way along, the path is being reinforced, so you’ll have to take a quick detour into one of the casinos to walk out of the next door back onto the walk, but it’s still quite nice to see all the flashing lights and feeling the buzz inside.

Once back onto the walk you can continue past the Monkey Lamps which are due to be replaced and carry on to Harrah’s Casino, and then turn back (after a long deserved ice cold water), or stop in one of the many outdoor restaurants offering beautiful views of the river and fine ales, wines, spirits and of course food!

Please do be aware however, that young children on this walk need to be watched at all times, as they are literally next to the water’s edge with only a 3 bar fence between them and the river and we don’t really want a wet, cold child crying all the way back to the hotel!

You will also have to learn to say hello to everyone you meet, as they are so friendly here, it comes as second nature to them!

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