Russian Gaming Week 2016 Has Excellent News For The Industry, Says Slotegrator

russian-gaming-weekThe Russian Gaming Week 2016 was organised in the last week of October in the specially created gambling zone of Krasnaya Poliana. Part of the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Krasnaya Poliana is the fifth such special gambling zones created in the country via a resolution of the country’s parliament. Gaming Week was a major event for the industry since it provided an ideal venue for industry experts and agents to get together and discuss various issues faced by them.

Like practically every other company in the industry, Slotegrator also participated in the event. The company’s stand at the event showcased its innovative online gaming solutions as well as specialized tools for creating gaming platforms. The company was represented by Vadim Potapenko and Roman Kuts who said that they learned a lot from their participation in the event.

What Slotegrator Had To Say About Russian Gaming Week 2016

The two Slotegrator executives had a positive impression overall about the events at Russian Gaming Week 2016. What stood out was the level of interest shown by the Russian government in promoting gambling as a viable business here. The gambling zone at Krasnaya Poliana has been planned very well, and it seems to be on the path to success since the authorities here are clearly motivated to work on the project.

Participants at the event did have many questions for the Russian government representatives, especially about gambling regulations, and these queries were fielded very well. It has to be pointed out however, that the government officials seemed to have a bias towards land based gambling since a lot of work has clearly been done so far to make the gambling zones a success. It therefore wasn’t a surprise that they were particularly interested in bringing in big investors and also discussing the new laws that would be of help to the industry so that it could grow steadily whilst benefiting all parties concerned. The government people did point out that they had faced many challenges while planning and creating the gambling zone.

Another much discussed topic was whether crypto currency could eventually be used for gambling. These currencies; Botcoin is the most popular example; are getting to be very popular with gamblers because of the ease with which they can be used. As the industry progresses to make these currencies more popular, gambling companies that do not deal with them will eventually find it hard to attract customers.

More Gambling Zones In Russia?

The Russian government had chosen to develop Krasnaya Poliana in order to recoup the huge investments made ahead of the Winter Olympics at Sochi. Sochi has long been popular with Russians as a holiday destination and it has much of the infrastructure required to handle tourists. The local as well as federal governments anticipate earning big revenues from taxes generated by gambling activities. The industry is also counting on the fact that people from neighbouring Turkey, where gambling is banned, will travel here to enjoy this activity. While Russians no doubt are extremely passionate about gambling and will be able to provide the casinos at Krasnaya Poliana with regular business, tourists from Turkey will help boost its profitability.


The gambling industry in Russia is looking to see whether zones such as Krasnaya Poliana will be able to succeed in the long term. The industry is evolving at a very fast pace and although the government seems to be offering immense support in the form of physical infrastructure and modern laws, care will have to be taken to understand the spending habits of customers. In fact, many companies participating in the event indicated that they were conducting market research to understand their customers better.

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