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There is only one thing better than cheering your favourite sports team onto victory and that is of course watching them win when you had placed a bet on them to win!

It will probably not have escaped your notice however, that there are many different ways of placing a bet these days, and with that in mind below I am going to introduce you to a few ways that you may never have thought of in regards to placing any type of sports related bet.

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When you pay a visit to sites like bet365 you are going to find a range of different betting markets. Those betting markets will list each match or sporting event they are offering odds on and you can choose to take those odds or shop around for another betting site offering higher odds.

However, one thing that betting sites like bet365 will not be offering you is something known as a betting exchange. A betting exchange is a peer to peer type of betting platform that lets like-minded sports fans place all manner of different bets and wagers between themselves.

You will therefore be able to place bets on offer from other sports fans, all of whom be offering their own odds on the outcome or any sporting event, or if you prefer you can offer your own odds and take bets off other sports fans too.

The betting exchange takes a small commission off the winner of each bet placed, and by hunting around you will find the commission you are forced to pay can be low in value, and shouldn’t put too big a dint in your sports betting profits!

Another type of betting market that many betting sites like bet365 will be offering their customers is something known as an in-play betting market. Those betting markets different from all others due to the simple fact they become open and active only once a sporting event starts.

You are much more likely to be able to make a judgement call in regards to the possible outcome of any sporting event once is actually starts and you are watching it! So that is certainly one type of betting market to consider making use of to increase the range of betting opportunities you can place.

Promotional offers are always going to be very free flowing at sites like bet365, however you do need to acquire something of a sixth sense in being able to spot just which promotional offers are going to be worth making use of.

As long as you keep in mind that every single free bet, deposit match bonus or cash back bonus being offered to you is going to have terms and conditions attached to them, and it will be the way that those terms and conditions have been written and compiled that will ultimately determine if any promotional offer is going to be worth claiming or not

So always made sure you make a point of reading them through, as by doing so you will then be able to make a good judgement call in regards to just which offers are going to be worth claiming.

One final thing I would suggest you always make a point of doing is to only sign up to betting sites that are licensed and regulated, ideally in the country where you live. That way you will negate the possibility of you experiencing any problems that cannot be resolved, either by the betting site or the gaming commission that issued that site with its license to operate.



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