Sites like BetFair

Betting Exchanges have become very popular with punters over the last decade or so due to the fact that as a customer of such a site you are able to place any type of bet or lay any type of bet on absolutely any type of sporting events held anywhere in the world.

Whilst BetFair are of course the biggest and most commonly used betting exchange used by millions of worldwide sports bettors, what you may not be are of is that there are quite a number of other BetFair sister sites, at which you will also find a plethora of different betting opportunities.


The key to you getting more value and higher returns as a sports bettor is being able to ask for the odds you want to take on anything you are about to bet on, and that is something that you will be able to do when utilizing a betting exchange.

If you are interested in signing up to any of our featured sites like BetFair then please do read on for we are going to be listing the benefits of having more than on account at a range of highly recommended betting exchanges that you will find very interesting.

Never be under any illusions that a standard betting site will always be offering you the best odds possible, for you are always going to find the odds available at betting exchanges far higher in value and therefore with some luck in betting you will get more winnings back when utilizing such a site!

Lay or Place Bets

If you have never placed or laid bets on a betting exchange before and are a little wary of doing so, then what we would advise you to do is to take a good look over the website of each of our listed and top rated sites like BetFair.betfair logo

By doing so you will find a very comprehensive and in-depth set of hold files and training guides that will enlighten you just how a betting exchange works and operates and how you are going to be able to use that new way of betting to ensure that you are always going to get the very highest possible betting odds too!

Live Odds – The odds you will see on the betting platforms and betting exchanges at any of our listed BetFair sister sites are live and are going to be updated in real time, so the odds you see will be the one that you can instantly take and place, and they are always going to be generous odds too!

In-Play Betting – Not only can you place bets and wagers before any sporting even actually starts when using a betting exchange you are also going to be able to place bets and wagers as they are in live play too via the in-play betting markets!

Hedge Betting Opportunities – If you are something of a savvy and experienced sports bettor and you are looking for easy ways to hedge your bets and wagers then it really is about time you started to utilize betting exchange if you are not currently doing so, as hedge betting opportunities will always become available to you!

Help Centre – Whilst every single one of the BetFair sister sites have an around the clock customer care team who are always on hand to answer any questions you may have you will find their online help guides will always guide you through anything that you may be unsure about at those sites, so you will never experience any kind or type of problems at those sites!

Worldwide Sports Covered – You will not fail to be impressed by just what sporting events are covered at the sister betting sites, in fact no matter in which country any sporting fixture is being held in you will find betting markets are live and open on each of them!

As soon as you do sign up and start to use the betting exchanges at any of our listed sites like BetFair you really are going to be spoilt for choice in regards to the huge and very varied range of different worldwide betting opportunities that will then become available to you.

Keep in mind that all winning bets you do place or lay will require you to pay a tiny commission to the betting site, however that commission is always going to be offset by the much higher valued winning payout and much more generous betting odds you will be getting at those sites!


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