Supernova Slot

Not every slot machine you will come across online that has been designed by Leander are going to be offering you bonus games and/or bonus features, for there are a small number of their video slots that have been designed as rather basic yet fast playing slots.

One such slot is their Supernova slot, on which there are a rather unusual number of pay lines on offer and the playing structure is also quite unusual in as much as you have to form a three of a kind win on the first three reels on your activate paylines before the end two reels come into play!

Slot Structure

What makes the Supernova slot very different from all other 5 video reels slot is that the slot is divided up into a set of three reels and a final set of two reels! During a base game spin what you are faced with doing is getting three matching reel symbols on the first set of three reels on any of the 27 paylines that are in play and then the bonus feature mentioned below will be activated.

This is however a multi-stake slot so you can play all of those 27 paylines for a range of different staking options, so if you simply want to play it for tiny stakes then that is an option however if you want to increase the stakes you are playing it for in an attempt to win big then that is also something you can do.

supernova slot opening screen

Bonus Features

What you are going to have to hope happens when you are playing off any spin on the Supernova slot is that on the 27 paylines you have in play a set of three matching reel symbols are spun in.

When you do spin in one or more winning combinations then reels four and five become activated and you will be hoping that on those two end reels one or more multiplier symbols spin in, when they do so the multipliers will then boost the value of the winning payout you spun in on the first three reels of this slot!

However, it should be pointed out that the actual value of all of the six possible winning combinations that can be spun in on the first three reels are very low in value, and as such you really do need to see the multiplier spinning in to achieve some of the highest possible valued payouts when playing this slot!

Free Spins

Sadly a set of free spins is something that you are never going to be able to trigger when playing the Leander designed Supernova slot for they have designed it as a very fast playing slot on which no free spins will ever be awarded to you.

However, the way in which the final two reels can come into live play and could award you with some significant base game winning payout multipliers does result in this slot being a very exciting one to play and also a potentially very high paying slot.

If however it is free spins bonus games that you look for from any online or mobile slot game you play then there are plenty of those types of slots fully reviewed on our website so please do are a look around it!

Standard Wild Symbols

In addition to all of the Planet and Sun related reel symbols of which there are six on total on the reels of this slot there are also some wild symbols that can be spun in from time to time.

Those symbols stand in for all other reel symbols listed on the pay table of this slot so when at least one of them does line up on a payline containing two matching symbols then you will be rewarded with the pay table winning payout for those matching symbols.

Highest Paying Reel Symbols:

3 Sun symbols in a line pay 50 coins.

Second Highest Paying Reel Symbols:

15 coins are paid when 3 Blue Sun symbols line up.

Our Opinion of the Supernova Slot

Whilst it will be great to see a winning combination spinning in when you are playing the Supernova slot you then need to hope that you do spin in some higher valued multipliers on the end two reels.

However, what we found when we played this slot is that those multiplies are not guaranteed to spin in and we did spin in a lot of winning combinations only to never see the multipliers spinning i!

As such we feel that over a fairly long slot playing session on this slot you may actually grow tired of playing it, much more so when those multiplier reel symbols never make an appearance, but it is a slot worthy of your play time every now and then!


supernova slot gameplay screen shot

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