Things to Do In Laughlin Nevada

We keep coming back to the Laughlin Riverside Casino Resort run and built by Don Laughlin, The Riverside. Don seemed to have had enough of Vegas, according to Urban Legend and set about building his own casino resort town!

However, what Don Laughlin has created is something that in some ways is better than Vegas, especially for those with families. He created a resort which will appeal to young and old, rich and poor, and with his on resort cinema and car museum, Movie buffs and Petrol Heads alike!

The car museum in Laughlin hosts a regular circulation of classic cars, retro movie replicas and a few originals (I’m surprised the car from Titanic isn’t in there!). There are also classic slot machines dating back to the prohibition with one of the earliest being built in 1905!

The tabs on the machines also tells you a little of the history and is really interesting, especially for any budding mechanics as in a lot of the cars and slots, you can see the innards and work out how it worked. However, remind your little ones reverse engineering things is illegal!

The beauty of this museum is it is split over 2 levels, one on the ground floor which is free and one on the 3rd floor which is $2 to enter, or free if you are a member of the gaming club or are a guest of the casino and hotel.

If you get lucky you may also be able to get some of the guys in the museum to tell you even more about the various engines and designs. Photography isn’t frowned upon however, but do not touch the exhibits as most of these are classics and priceless cars which are fawned upon like royalty!

One of the best things about these cars is they are all local and donated by the owners for limited exhibits, so if you came today, and then came again in 12 months, you would have a whole new set of automobiles to admire.

A Break from Vegas

This museum is also ideal for if you’ve been in Vegas, and seen some of the classic cars, as a lot of the original models are actually in here, while the ones in Vegas have been restored or modified with new engines such as nitrogen charged. These classics are predominantly untouched, with the odd bit of work done here and there to keep them in tip top condition.

Be aware food and drink are not allowed in the museums, and as such, it is requested and required that you either put your drinks and food in the bin or leave them on the entry desk.

Take a good look at some of the slot machines you will actually see an original bar top slot which paid out in cigarettes! The predecessor being the table top card games on bars now like Video Poker and Black Jack.

If cars aren’t your thing, there is also a mall up the road less than 10 minutes walk (4 minutes waiting for the traffic lights!), where you can browse and get new clothes, shoes and other essentials for a reasonable price.

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