Tip for Smokers in Las Vegas

Gambling is and always will be a taboo subject, add smoking, drinking and swearing into the mix and you may as well kiss your invitation to the Pearly Gates goodbye. But in the words of Pete Burns, “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven!”

Many casinos are notoriously expensive when buying cigarettes from their bars, especially when, if you think about it logically, a 5 minute walk could save you half, or even more. All Gas Stations stock cigarettes, and a lot stock booze, and although still not cheap, a pack of cigarettes will set you back around $7, while a pack of 12 beers will set you back about $10 (compared to the $15 for cigarettes and $8 for 2 bottles of beer respectively some casinos charge!).

As Nevada is quite smoker friendly, you can smoke in around half of the available hotel rooms, and most of the casinos, however, if you are a non smoker, don’t feel left out, as most places have designated non smoking sections and bars too!

You’ll also find that the people, as with most Americans are really friendly, and you can make some very interesting new friends by simply having a smoke and playing one of the many games that are on offer.

Avoid the Gift Shops!

Being smokers, and living outside the US when we visit Vegas we usually take some duty free cigarettes with us. However, keep in mind that you are only allowed to take so many cigarettes into America, so never try and take more than you are allowed, or you will get them confiscated!

One place you should avoid at all costs if you do run out of cigarettes is the casinos gift shop, for the price of cigarettes are going to be unbelievably high! In fact, we asked around at a few different casino gift shops how much a packet of 20 Marlboro cigarettes were and the prices were around the $15 region!

Play at Home and Smoke to Your Heart’s Content!

If you are put off playing at a land based casino then you can of course play from the comfort of your own home, as there are no shortages of online casino sites all of which will be eager to get you to sign up and play at their sites for real money.

The obvious benefit of playing at such a site is that you can of course smoke when and where you please in your own home, or if you prefer you can simply pop outside your front door and smoke outside, and even have your laptop in your hand playing a slot game as you do so.

There is also no etiquette when you are playing from home at an online casino site so you can sit anywhere, dressed as you please and no one is going to be giving you any funny looks. If you are a smoker then you will also avoid the annoying looks from non-smokers who do not smoke when you are playing from the comfort of your own home too!