Use Bitcoin for Instant Winning Payouts

About fifteen years ago, a group of Microgaming powered casino sites offered something no other casino site had offered players before. That was an instant payout system, and one on which whenever a player requested a winning payout to their Neteller account those payouts would be processed and sent out to them on the spot!

Sadly that group of casinos was bought out by another casino operator who decided to stop offering the instant payment system. As the years have ticked by not many casino sites have chosen to offer instant payouts.

In fact, most casino sites like to keep players withdrawals pending for a number of hours or even days, in the hope those winning players reverse their withdrawals back into their casino accounts and lose them back to the casino!

If that is something you have ever done that you will not need me to tell you how stomach churning it is. However, there are lots of casino sites that now accept Bitcoin payments and will let you benefit from instant winning payouts back to your Bitcoin wallet.

Therefore what I would suggest you do to benefit from hassle free and instant cash outs is to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet and then sign up to any of the Bitcoin gambling sites, as by doing so you will never experience losing back your winnings by being tempted to reverse a withdrawal!

Play the Games You Want to Play

If you have not yet played casino games online, then be aware that to do so you will have the choice of two different types of gaming platforms. One is a fully downloadable gaming platform offered at some casino sites and the other is an instant play web browser compatible type of gaming platform.

Whilst both platforms will give you access to hundreds of casino games, most players now tend to opt for an instant play one, as by doing so they will not be limited to playing games from just one supplier.

With hundreds of different games available that does of course mean you are never going to have any difficulties selecting the games you do want to play and will always be able to play them for a range of different staking options too.

There will also be plenty of different option settings irrespective of which type of gaming platform you choose to use, so you can play each game in a way and style that is preferable to you and you will also find an auto play setting is available on the vast majority of casino games.

But do try and keep your options open in regards to the games you do get stuck into playing, and also consider giving any new games you come across a whirl too!

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