Will Trump at the Helm be Good for Online Gambling?

The US Presidential election is finally over and people are slowly getting used to the idea of four years of a Trump presidency. This has been one of the most contentious elections in living memory, and it is quite normal for people to wonder what the future has in store for them. In fact, the business world has a lot of concerns as well and there is lots of speculation about the policies that will be put in place. Especially when it comes to online gambling

The online gambling industry is very concerned about a Trump administration because there have been mixed signals about the stand it will take.

Donald Trump and Online Gambling…

Donald Trump is a well-known name in the gambling industry, thanks to his ownership of land based casinos through his company Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts. As a matter of fact, he has been part of the industry since 1984 when he opened the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in 1984. The casino was a big part of the entertainment and gambling scene of New Jersey since that time right up till when it was shut down in 2014. Another major property of his was the Trump Taj Mahal that was opened in 1990 but shut down earlier this year.

The online gambling industry is concerned that President Elect Donald Trump will lean away from their business. He’s more likely to support its land based counterpart. This is obvious since he has been associated with it for a very long time. In fact, the United States does not have friendly laws towards online gambling. It is permitted with many restrictions in four states only.

Sheldon Adelson’s Word Against Donald Trump Regarding Online Gambling

Gambling industry mogul Sheldon Adelson is a major donor to the Republican Party. He has made his opposition to online gambling very clear. Therefore, he would certainly expect the party to reciprocate by passing anti online gambling legislations.

Adelson’s biggest argument against legalising online gambling is that it will cause harm to society. It can bring online gambling within easy reach for everyone. He maintains that it is best to restrict gambling to land based establishments. This can curtail the problem of underage gambling. Furthermore, people will think twice before gambling if they have to travel all the way to a land based casino. Of course, his opponents believe that his intentions aren’t all that altruistic. He is only concerned about protecting his business interests.

Adelson might certainly feel that the Republican Party owes him something in return for his generous donations. But Donald Trump has always maintained that he will do what is best for the country irrespective of what big business wants. Besides, he doesn’t have a personal stake in the issue now that he has sold off all his casinos.
Trump has actually made statements in the past that indicate support for online gambling. He has pointed out that many other countries have legalised it. The United States was missing out on a huge business opportunity by not doing the same thing.

Can Trump Be Taken At His Word?

Donald Trump has made statements of support towards the online gambling industry. But one cannot really take that to the bank as of now. He is known to have changed his stand on many issues so far. For instance, moving to the Republican Party after being a supporter of the Democrats. Hence, it is hard to predict what he will eventually do.

Even so, it doesn’t seem likely that the online gambling industry will have much to fear from a Trump Administration. This is because it seems unlikely that he will take major steps to ban it. In short, it is up to individual states to legalise online gambling if they want to be part of the action.

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